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Promoting Cameroon’s image through the influence of sports internationallyThe Limbe General-purpose Stadium was offi- cially brought into service January 26, 2016.At another level, the support program on Governance and institutional support was mar- ked by the Annual Conference of central and decentralized departments of MINSEP in May 2015 in Yaounde under the theme “Governance and effective Civil Service of Sport and Physical Education for an emerging Cameroon”.After two days of consultations, participants cal- led for: transmitting a greater regularity in holding these annual conferences; encouraging the pri- vate sector to take part in the process of creation and management of sports facilities, etc.CONTINUAL CHALLENGESThere is talk of MINSEP working in 2016 more than in the past to regain in turn, sports circles’ confidence, alert and permanent working situa- tion in order to aim at excellence for the constraints and challenges to be met. Among other missions, it must work to cultivate a winning spirit, working to win back victories. What everyone can and must contribute doing at his workstation, even the most modestly possible.The roadmap of the Ministry for 2016 is rather well supplied. Reorganizing the women's footballANC is among the priorities; a process which to some extent will enable to break in the prepara- tion of Men’s ANC 2019.Other projects that are of concern to the MINSEP in 2016 include:o The renewal of the governing bodies of natio- nal sports federations;o The participation of teams and national teams in international sports competitions;o The promotion and popularization of physical activity within different social strata;o The further implementation of the National Programme for Sports Infrastructure Development;o The implementation of the programme for sports talents scouting and training;o The revitalization of the activities of INJS (National Institute of Youth and Sports) and CENAJES (National Centre for Youth and Sports);o The improvement of the teaching of physical education in the school system;o The effectiveness of the implementation of skill transfer to the municipalities;o The revitalization of the activities of the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education’s Personnel Association.COLLECTIVE MOBILIZATIONWith regard to training specifically, the MINSEP considers it urgent that existing programmes in its training facilities would increasingly be in line with the new tasks assigned to this Ministry.In the area of cooperation, it is necessary to seize all opportunities that could help diversify partnerships and optimize any actions in the field. Emphasis will also be laid on the fight against corruption and promotion of good governance in all structures and national sports federations.About federations, the MINSEP, while welcoming the fieldwork carried out, invites them, given the many potentialities that abound in Cameroonian youth and, the evolution of sports management methods and practices, to make more efforts.It appears also necessary to further restructure the sports movement. This is a vast project which involves both the State and its partners: The national sports federations. To come out of the woods, the MINSEP invited federations officials to establish effective and efficient measures safeguarding the general interest, that of sport, by inducing collec- tive mobilization on the objectives effectively refi- ned. They are also invited to define a relevant managerial vision and to respect scrupulously the Basic Laws. The overall objectives also requires that process nLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN95

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