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Education and Promotion of National Languages; UNICEF also supported MINEDUB through: a study of bottlenecks in girl schooling; organizing awareness campaigns for peace; psycho-social support for students in areas of insecurity.Moreover, the World Bank, through the Programme for the improvement of Equity and Quality of Education in Cameroon (PAEQUE), supported the Government in the implementation of actions aimed at enhancing the quality of edu- cation, namely the recruitment of 3060 teachers of parents; capacity building workshops of peda- gogical inspectors and teachers to the use of manuals, providing the public primary schools textbooks and other teaching materials; The free distribution to students in SIL / CLASS ONE of one million 100 thousand textbooks and tea- ching material. The “Japanese Grant” Project continued building and fitting out schools and rai- sing awareness of educational communities on hygiene, care and maintenance of schools; the World Food Programme (WFP) distributed food in the form of dry rations in the 33 public school beneficiaries of school feeding as part of the school feeding programme.OUTLOOK:THE TRIENNIUM 2016-2018 UNDER SPOTLIGHTThe year 2015 devoted the deadline of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the start of the validation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The non-achievement of the MDGs at the fixed schedule led the international community to adopt a new roadmap focused on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that will build the future of the inhabitants of the planet for 15 years to come up.The fourth objective calls upon MINEDUB in that it aims to “ensure universal access to quality edu- cation on an equal basis, and promote learning opportunities throughout life”, this being a priority of the Ministry for the period 2016-2018.Among others, the focus will be to improve access to and completion of primary school. This means getting the net enrolment rate and the rate of national completion respectively from 74% to 76% and from 75.5% to 76.7% by end 2016. To achieve this, the focus will be on: strengthening supply of primary education; supporting educa- tion of the girl; improving quality of education in primary schools; promoting national languages.The Ministry also aims at increasing the literate population by moving literacy rate from 65.72% in 2015 to 66.04% in 2016. Focus shall then be on: literacy of people aged 15 and over; Child training from 08 to 14 years; strengthening the literate environment in national languages.Regarding the development of Preschool, the MINEDUB roadmap for 2016 includes the increase of pre-school enrolment rate over the entire national territory, otherwise, increasing pre- school enrolment rate from 34.8% in 2015 to 35.2% in 2016. The resources devoted to this program are geared towards the realization of the following actions: improvement of public pre- school provision; support of community-based preschool; the ignition of formal private initiative. Moreover, in the context of decentralization in 2016, the Ministry will transfer to the Regional and Local Authorities, resources worth a total of about CFA 11.4 billion francs, of which CFA 9.3 billion francs for the Public Investment Budget distributed across 320 councils; and nearly CFA 2.1 billion francs for provide Minimum Package in public primary schools of 360 councils nThe services of the Ministry of Basic Education in YaoundéLES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN97

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