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98LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUNMinistry of Secondary EducationThe Ministry of Secondary Education which remains responsible for the implementation of the Government's policy on secondary education and normal education, is in charge of the major project for entering the Second-generation Secondary Education...At the behest of its head, Jean Ernest Masséna Ngalle Bibehe, MINESEC will score points with the Second-generation Secondary Education, through the “PROESPER Project”, which means “Secondary Education Project for Emerging and Resilient Countries”. The other ongoing activities of the Department will not be laid aside.SECTORS IN RELATION TO MAJOR PROJECTSThe “Secondary Education Project for Emerging and Resilient Countries” aims at developing inno- vative and professional sectors that have a close link with the Major Structuring projects in Cameroon. Hence the construction and opening of technical and vocational agricultural high schools. It is a matter of responding in turn to the high-level directives of the Head of State, the expectations of the Nation, and to the hopes of youth whose potential remains untapped.It is also a question of refocusing the training of pupils on what the GESP and the Education and Training Sector’s Strategy Paper require from the Sector, namely “the training of human resources capable to carry the emergence along and in particular to take an active part in current or future structuring projects”. To bring Secondary products round to creating wealth. Concretely, in general education, it is a matter of achieving the parity arts series -science series.In technical education, it is about extending exis- ting channels to structuring projects, and even implementing new channels. This is done in order to include local labour in major structuring projects.It should be noted that most structuring projects were carried out with very few national competences. As for the maintenance phase, efforts will be made to make sure that the projects are managed by local expertise, in other words by young Cameroonian.Another initiative is to build a sheet metal works- hop at the Kribi Technical High School for learners receive skills in shipyards and metal construction works in and around the port of Kribi.It is also about strengthening Automotive Mechanics courses to better adapt to the reali- ties of the field. A vehicle assembly plant is under construction in Bonaberi. The Ebolowa tractor assembly plant should be given a new lease of life. The lack of a critical mass of local expertise is delaying the development of the project. MINESEC would like to have young people ope- rational and competent for repairs on all heavy- duty vehicles in the CEMAC zone, including trucks in transit for Chad, Central African Republic and soon Congo, with the view of cap- turing all possible shares of wealth associated with the transit of goods.A visit of the MINESEC to a workshop of the ‘Lycée polyvalent’ of Douala

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