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Students will therefore learn how to repair heavy-duty trucks with the workshops equipment of heavy vehicle mechanics in the technical high schools of N'Gaoundéré, Figuil, Bertoua and Bamenda.Besides, MINESEC intends to strengthen the adequacy between training and the sociologi- cal and professional environment with the construction of the Technical and Vocational Agricultural High Schools of Foukar Beo near Yagoua (Far-North) and Doukoudjé near Lagdo (North). Not to mention the Technical and Vocational Agricultural High School of Yabassi that opened in January 2017.Another dimension of the PROESPER project is the setting up of a Project to Promote Reading (PIL). The PIL will consist in installing the WI-FI in six experimental schools (Yaoundé, Douala, Edéa, Bamenda and Buea). The students will have the opportunity to download books and make sure they read at least one of them a month, and make a presentation. A new entry will be there- fore appearing in the note reports. This will bring them closer to the books and educational resources available on the Internet.Another innovation: the film industry. Compared to other countries, the Education sub-sector is lag- ging behind in developing critical skills in the area. Together with the other ministries concer- ned, sectors of this industry that correspond to Secondary Education for the development of many trades and employment opportunities.The office of Ministry of Secondary Education in YaoundéTechnical education in English will expand in the French-speaking area. The first symbol illustrating this political will is the Government Technical High School of Bonadoumbe in Douala I, which is in the third year of the bilingual cycle. This is also the case of the Government Technical High School of Mewoulou in Yaoundé, where classes will hold only in English. One should also point out the soon transformation of a ‘Lycée Technique’ in Yaoundé into a Bilingual Technical High School.A BUSY ROADMAPHere are a few projects initiated in the Ministry of Secondary Education:• At least 60 vocational training courses in secondary school, to gradually adapt technical and vocational secondary education to the socio- economic environment;• Significant improvement in the quality of lear- ning so that at least 75% of learners would com- plete their studies;• Increase from 69.62% to 72% of transition rate from the primary to secondary school;• Rehabilitation of 22 school facilities; 14 com- puter rooms; construction of 53 workshops; 18,060 desks; a Widespread Use of Digital Technologies Project will encompass multimedia resource centres.• Human Resources Management of will be mar- ked by the transition to SIGIPES II. >>>LES ATOUTS ECONOMIQUES DU CAMEROUN99

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