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Ministry of External Relations
The Ministry of External Relations (MINREX) is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the external relations policy as defined by the President of the Republic...
Tasks provided by the Ministry of External Relations (MINREX) are of the utmost importance; it is there- fore responsible for: Relations with foreign states, international organizations and other subjects of the international community; protection of nationals and Cameroonian interests abroad, as well as the career management of diplomatic personnel. Besides, MINREX gathers and disseminates infor- mation to the Ministerial Departments concerning foreign states and international organizations that could facilitate public authorities’ action. In addi- tion, it contributes to informing foreign govern- ments, their public opinion and international orga- nizations about the political, economic, social and cultural development of Cameroon, in collabora- tion with the Ministry of Communication.
We should point out that in the context of Cameroon's march towards Emergence for 2035, MINREX, which is in the front line, is implementing an offensive economic diplomacy. This is a strong option, which aims at rationali- zing the public policy of support to exporting companies. Enough to boost the development of a country in areas such as economy, culture and foreign policy. And, more concretely, to attract more foreign direct investments, make Cameroon more attractive by promoting tourism, support more businesses through Export.
It is clear that for Cameroon, there is a lot at stake. It is necessary to rebalance trade balance to the best of national interests. A few broad lines of this Economic Diplomacy are already drawn. For example, there is talk of: Engaging Cameroonian SMEs operating in the processing of agri-food products to promote the “Made in Cameroon” label; Highlighting Cameroon's bargaining power according to the current international game; Promoting the public-private partnership, a guarantee of a harmonious relationship between the State and the Market; Promoting Cameroon's
buoyant sectors such as tourism, agriculture, trans- port, real estate and education; Implementing a comprehensive strategy of economic diplomacy.
More broadly, MINREX can congratulate itself on having been at the heart of many large-scale actions in recent years - at least from 2016 to 2018. This in the areas of enhancing the potential of bilateral cooperation, boosting multilateral cooperation, decentralized cooperation and the management of Cameroonians abroad. We will thus mention presidential trips with multiple benefits in terms of economic and technical cooperation agreements; the participation in economic or poli- tical meetings; the launch of a 2nd call for projects under the Diaspora Productive Investment Support Programme; the holding of a Diaspora Forum (2017); support for the return of over a thousand Cameroonians in distress in Libya and consular assistance to Cameroonians in several countries, including: USA, China, Turkey, Belgium, Romania, Chad, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea n
A night view of the premises of the Ministry of External Relations in Yaoundé

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