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                 OPENING AND INFLUENCE
Founding member of the OAU (Organization of African Unity, which later became African Union), Cameroon’s diplomacy was long groun- ded on one of the basic principles of the pan- African organization: non-interference in the inter- nal affairs other states. This specific concern to consider as sacred the sovereignty of other coun- tries was sometimes wrongly perceived as an amazing “indifference” by reason of the leading position of Cameroon in the sub-region of Central Africa plagued by incessant turmoil.
Realizing the distortion and willing to concoct an image of his country reflecting its real poten- tial, President Paul Biya embarked on a vigo- rous action of redirecting and stimulation of Cameroon’s foreign policy. The choice led to a remarkable rise in power of Cameroon diplo- macy that unfolds generously on all fronts; star- ting with multilateral organizations and institu- tions with whom the country has ties: UN, African Union, Francophonie, Commonwealth, OIC, CEMAC, World Bank, etc... Here and there, Cameroon strives to make its voice heard, to propose topics for discussion to help to build a safer and more cohesive internatio- nal community.
The will is evidenced by the involvement of Cameroon in conflict management, including
through peacekeeping forces. Examples are interventions in Cambodia, Darfur, Central Africa, etc...under the leadership of the United Nations unanimously recognized in their role as key player in global politics. In this forum and elsewhere, Cameroon, with a constant determi- nation, acted in line with restoring peace and everlastingly worked towards dialogue, nego- tiation, respect for the sovereignty and integrity of states; these values being considered in Yaoundé as cardinal for democracy and res- pect for international law.
Cameroon’s constant efforts to promote these values and share her views concerning the affairs of the World earned her a deserved recognition from partners. Vera Songue, a Cameroonian occupies the duties of Deputy Secretary of the UN for the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA); the compatriot, Martin Chungong, is the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s (IPU) Secretary General. Beyond the individual fate of those dis- tinguished personalities, their positions reflect undoubtedly the relevance and effectiveness of an approach and, above all, confidence mani- fested by partners towards the country.
By effective attendance policy and efficient participation, Cameroon that joined the world organization on September 20, 1960 plays a

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