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                  Cameroon keeps alive with its traditional part- ners an efficient and ongoing policy. President Paul Biya’s trips to foreign countries and audiences he grants many foreign authorities in Yaoundé show the tightened relationship he has with his foreign counterparts.
In the light of these multiple contacts and of the results they have produced or of expected fruits, it is clear that the foreign policy of Yaoundé, conducted with patience and determination by President Paul Biya allows Cameroon to esta- blish confident and successful relationships with many countries.
Politically and diplomatically excellent, rela- tions between Paris and Yaoundé have been marked over the recent eleven years at econo- mic and social levels by the successful imple- mentation of the Debt-reducing and Development Contract (C2D). The contract is an initiative for the poor and highly indebted countries. According to the agreements rea- ched, the amount of the debt to be reimbursed by Cameroon to France is directly returned in the form of a subsidy that can be mobilized to improve people’s living conditions.
Cameroon's first C2D was signed on June 22, 2006 and implemented since 2017. It is a good
financial partnership that should cover an amount of debt over 5 billion euros, that is about 3275 billion FCFA.
In 2017, that is ten years after the implementa- tion process started, it emerged that the C2D had mobilized the sum of 966 billion francs to finance the improvement people’s living condi- tions. High on the list of the sectors targeted by the resources released through the Debt-redu- cing and Development Contract, come educa- tion, health, urban and rural infrastructure, agri- culture, environment and forests, research, cul- ture, rural development and vocational training. In the 10 regions of Cameroon, there are nearly 500 classrooms built, and more than 200 others rehabilitated and equipped, 37,200 contracted teachers, health checks and obstetric kits set up for pregnant women. In the number of the good results by the C2D, we should also mention the funding of the inter- change of the Region Square in Yaoundé and a second bridge on the Wouri in Douala.
In terms of rural development, the C2D mechanisms have strongly funded the National Community Driven Development Programme (PNDP) to support the decentrali- zed local and regional authorities in the decentralization process in Cameroon. The PNDP, which is now present in all the muni- cipalities in the country thanks to the C2D

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