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                 Besides, the CSPH holds information meetings with the social partners in a transparent manner, a spirit of togetherness, and promises the “Working together”.
Thanks to the perfect control of the price formula and the management of the price structure, the CSPH participates in:
n Consumer protection;
n Price transparency through the allocation of resources to the various stakeholders in the sector (refiner, transporter, storer and distributor);
n The fight against inflation.
To date, the Hydrocarbon Prices Stabilization Fund can boast about concrete achievements. Some of them can be mentioned here:
• The construction of the Maroua LPG Filling Centre;
• The construction of a LPG Filling Centre in Bertoua;
• The construction of pilot filling stations in the most remote areas of the country, not served and unprofitable (like Lolodorf, Mora, Ntui, Meyomessala, Ombessa, Ambam, Mfou, Djoum, Tombel, Ekondo-Titi, among others) and to be retroceded to marketers for operation;
• The construction of the Mokolo and Mfoundi markets in Yaoundé, the capital;
• Rehabilitation of roads:
n Kékem section (West of the country),
256-metre long;
n Nsimalen (at the exit of the capital) and its electrification;
n Nkol-Eton Market in Yaoundé. GOING FURTHER
The CSPH has great prospects. In fact, at least two major upcoming achievements are planned:
• The construction of a LPG Filling Centre in Ebolowa, South Region;
• Continued construction of pilot filling stations in other parts of the country. Cooperation is not put aside within the company. Thus, in terms of inter- national cooperation, the CSPH participates in exchanges of experiences with countries of the sub-region such as Chad, the Central African Republic, Congo-Brazzaville and Gabon.
On partnership, an agreement was signed on 22 February 2018 at the CSPH head office building in Yaoundé between the Bocom Group and the Fund. For the Fund, it is a question of referring to this group the requests for academic internships addressed to it by students pursuing studies related to mining and petroleum engi- neering, so that they benefit from the most appropriate training n
The National Fund for Stabilization of Hydrocarbon Prices has always been favorable for social dialogue and decent work

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