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Po Box 15111 - YAOUNDE
Tel. (237) 222 231 930 Fax. (237) 222 231 113
Created by a decree on November 29, 2006, Electricity Development Corporation (EDC) is a corporation with an entirely public shareholding, a State-owned company; its initial capital is fixed at 5 billion CFA francs. EDC is an electricity company regulated and governed by law n° 98/022 of 24 December 1998.
At statutory level, EDC's missions are the follo- wing: the management, on behalf of the State, of the public heritage in the electricity sector; the study, preparation or fulfilment of any infrastruc- ture project in the electricity sector entrusted to it by the State; participation in the promotion and development of public and private investments in the electricity sector. As a strategic instrument of the State for the development of the electricity sector, EDC ensures the conservation of public heritage in the sector. The company is also in charge of the construction and operation of the basins water control structures, including the Lom
Pangar dam, as well as the direct operation of the country's reservoir dams, in accordance with the existing concession contracts between the State and the different operators.
The financial component of EDC's activities is dedicated to investment promotion and the acquisition and tracking of interests in compa- nies involved in the production, transmission, distribution, sale, import and export of electri- city. As a public utility company, EDC may inter- vene directly for a transitional period as an ope- rator or owner to ensure the continuity of the public service in the event of the failure of an operator or owner, or pending the designation of the latter. EDC also conducts and partici- pates in studies of all kinds for the development of the country's energy resources.
On a quite different front, it must be said that EDC gives a special place to the respect of ethics. Thus, in the fight against corruption, EDC has really grasped the nettle. And its willingness to fight against this plague that undermines the entire Cameroonian society has crossed a new course, with a poster campaign committed at the headquarters building, at Bertoua Agency and Lom Pangar. Their messages revael the determi- nation of the Executive Management of the com- pany to stop this scourge that the top of the State decries and fights with the last energy.
The posters read: “Corruption, everyone pays the price”; Corruption, all for NO”; “You can stop corruption”. In addition to posters, flyers were dis- tributed to staff. Since its installation on July 3, 2014, EDC's Anti-Corruption Unit has decided to wring the neck of this unhealthy practice. This inevitably requires achieving the goal of this cam- paign, which consists in educating staff and users, so that they align with the ethical values of EDC for a healthy business.
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