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That’s it! Cameroon Water Utilities Corporation has taken over the activities formerly leased and devolved to CDE. And since May 2, everything seems to be going for the best in the sector...
A request of the Head of State achieved by the Government. On 30 April at the Sawa Hotel in Douala, Gaston Eloundou Essomba, the Minister of Water Resources and Energy accompanied by his counterpart of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, chaired the signing ceremony of the contradictory record to end the leasing of the public service of drinking water in Cameroon between Camwater and the “Camerounaise des Eaux” (CDE). The signing, which put an end to a 10-year conces- sion contract, also marked the arrival of a Camwater, reorganized by the Head of State on February 20, 2018. In his desire to find appro- priate solutions to the huge deficit in drinking water across the entire national triangle, the deci- sion of the Head of State has given full power to Camwater, which thus becomes the manager of the entire drinking water sector in Cameroon.
Following a reorganization of the company whose role until then consisted in seeking financing for the construction of infrastructures to capture, treat, convey, store and supply drinking water, Camwater received additional activities including the supply and marketing of drinking water. During the cere- mony, which was attended by the administrative authorities of the Littoral Region, members of the Board of Camwater, all the staff of the two compa- nies in Douala and many guests who came to take part in the birth the new entity, Gaston Eloundou Essomba, in his speech, paid a tribute to the com- mitment of CDE that arrived at the end of its contract for the work carried out during 10 years.
Addressing the managing team of the Camwater, the Minister prescribed the continuation of work in progress to speed up the completion of construction sites in the city of Yaoundé, and those needed for the Total ACN 2019. On behalf of the government, the minister expressed the expectations placed on
Minister Gaston Eloundou Essomba’s speech on the ceremony for the reorganization of CAMWATER

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