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                 the newly set up entity. They can be summarized in raising the level of production, improving the quality of water and the level of service. The Minister reas- sured saying “The government will help search for funding for, there is no way in which our children, our grandchildren, our grandparents would lack water or drink colored water. This is your primary mission, and the reason the Head of State decided so; for the structure to be more efficient and more competitive it has to be entrusted end-to-end activity of the sector”. He prescribed good management of its operating account for Camwater, as a produc- tion company, for the purpose of generating a posi- tive result and no longer depend on Government’s subsidies. This involves an increase in the recovery rate to the households.
Now, having complete control, Camwater has carte blanche and the legal means to meet these new tasks. Although it is a State-owned company, it now has the possibility of resorting to external capital to finance certain activities as need be to strengthen its capital. It equally has the possibility of creating subsidiaries related to its social activity in various fields related to the drinking water industry, such as the production of pipes, meters, project management, treatment products etc. The stated objective is to ensure that the revenues generated in the sector are used to improve the supply of drinking water in Cameroon in order to restore the financial balance of a sector, hitherto heavily dependent on State subsidies.
Since May 02, 2018, the upturn is effective. If it is too early, two months later, to make an initial assess- ment, it is however possible to note that the resump- tion was made without interruption of the distribu- tion. On May 2nd, the taps did indeed flow over the entire leased perimeter. The transfer of CDE’s
CAMWATER now has carte blanche and necessary legal means to meet its new tasks
staff to the Camwater workforce was smooth. Staff morale is still high. The first steps taken by Gervais Bolenga, the Managing Director, are perceptible in the field, he who has the ambition to establish a new type of relationship with subscribers. Relationships based on quick interventions, good information in case of interruption of supplying and a rational and fair billing, which takes into account the actual consumption of water by the people. Clear ambitions. Gervais Bolenga promises to make every effort to give Cameroonians drinking water, that is to say, colourless, odourless and taste- less. In short, water of quality, in quantity and in all regularity. Will he have the means? As for determi- nation, it's not missing. “To us who take over, to us who will now take care of the production, supply, exploitation, sanitation, in a word, the management of the conceded perimeter, I would like to repeat my determination, in line with government’s instructions, to include my approach in the dynamics of gathe- ring water professionals without any distinction”. These were his first words to his staff at Labour Day on May 1st. And afterwards indicated what he intends to do and his expectations vis-à-vis the wor- kers: “Make sure that the water is odourless, colour- less and tasteless. I will take care personally. As I would hold firm hand to the improvement of the reception in our centres, to the speed in the possible interventions for repairs and to clear the large lineup of people in our branches... It is no longer a ques- tion of patience, but emergency. I am waiting for results in the immediate future”.
The determination and skill with which the pro- cess of end of leasing and the resumption of acti- vities formerly leased have been conducted are likely to reassure on the capacity of the man in charge to run the drinking water sector in Cameroon and to lead it to a shining future n

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