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The National Electricity Transmission Company (SONATREL) was created in October 2015 to provide Cameroon with an electricity network that meets the expectations of all; it is responsible for the operation, maintenance and development of public electricity transmission networks...
Since 8 October 2015, the electricity sector in Cameroon has been enriched by a new player: the National Electricity Transmission Company (SONATREL). It is an innovation of the Cameroonian Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya, who, worried about the energy deficit that plagues the rise of the Cameroonian eco- nomy, has launched major projects to increase energy supply in Cameroon. The state-owned company is expected to ensure the transmission of the electrical energy produced, on the one hand, and the management of energy flows on behalf of the State, on the other hand. As it comes into service, the disturbances recorded on the electrical service due to the obsolescence of the transmission network should come to an end. Which would be logically a continuation in
the accomplishment of the structure’s missions. Actually, SONATREL is responsible for the opera- tion, maintenance and development of public electricity transmission networks.
In concrete terms, it ensures:
• The operation, maintenance and development of transmission and interconnections with other networks;
• The management of electrical energy flows passing through the public transmission network, taking into account exchanges in the national and international interconnected system;
• The planning, carrying out of studies and control of works of infrastructures and works of electricity transmission, as well as the research and the management of related financings;
• The implementation, on behalf of the State, of transnational electricity interconnection pro- grams, connection to the public electricity trans- mission network, access to the said network under non-discriminatory conditions;
• The application of fire safety standards on the electricity transmission network, and the guarantee of facility and efficiency of the network, as well;
• Respect and balance of flows on the electricity transmission network, as part of the organization of the national and transnational electricity market;
• Technical support to harmonize the implemen- tation of isolation levels and voltage levels of all public and private transport networks;
• Respect for the optimal use of the existing trans- mission capacities.
Although the task SONATREL’s management have to face the leaders of is titanic, the State, with the help of donors who support the presidential deci- sion, have put substantial resources to allow this
A SONATREL’s high-voltage line

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