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                 The signing of SONATREL’s agreement
new player to carry out the exciting mission entrusted to it, which is, let us remind it, to trans- port, in the best conditions, the electrical energy from the production centres to bring it closer to the largest cities and the most remote hamlets in the country, and this permanently.
SONATREL had to prepare its operationalization during the 2017 financial year, so that it should effectively fulfill its missions. One of the first objec- tives was to strengthen the transformation capaci- ties of the OYOMABANG THT / HT substations (for the city of Yaoundé and its surroundings), and BEKOKO in Douala (for the South-West, West and North-West regions). Moreover, it was necessary to secure the power supply of the cities of Yaoundé and Douala by creating 225 kV and 90 kV loops in each of these two cities. This objective is itself part of the wider objective of improving energy transmission, for which an investment of 850 billion FCFA is needed.
In November 2017, the State of Cameroon had already signed with the World Bank a financing agreement for the construction, by 2022, of transmission lines in the Centre, East, Littoral and West regions. The loan will subse- quently be entirely handed over to SONATREL by the State of Cameroon.
All this was made possible only thanks to the will of the State to sustainably and comprehensively reduce the energy fracture, and this methodically. Now it is not a secret that the major structural pro- jects were launched by the State to increase the energy supply in Cameroon. In the number of which, the dams of Lom Pangar, Memve'ele and Mekin, to complete the existing devices.
But simply producing electricity would not be enough if problems of overload, obsolescence of equipment and lack of security persist in the segment of energy transmission. The reform of the electricity sector initiated by the government was therefore timely, with a distinction now clearly established between producers, distri- butors of electricity and a Transmission System Operator (TSO).
This new vision of the Head of State has thus allo- wed the salutary advent of SONATREL. In the cur- rent state, despite the efforts already made, most of the existing transmission works are obsolete and operated beyond their capacity. Most equip- ment is overloaded (lines and power transfor- mers) and the lack of redundancy does not gua- rantee a significant level of security. Networks for the most part are abnormally long. As a result, at the end of the line, the tensions are low and strug- gle to support the needs of consumers precisely when they are growing.
In the process leading to access to electricity for the greatest number, the State of Cameroon has signed two concession contracts for the transmis- sion and management of the electricity transmis- sion network across the country. For SONATREL, this is excellent news, a strong act, the vector of a high-intensity action at the heart of the Government's strategy of conducting, in a sustai- ned and balanced way, Cameroon towards the projected emergence in 2035.
By this act, the company can finally fully exercise its powers and take its full place in the heart of the national economy with a major commitment that is to ensure for all the availability of quality electricity, but especially permanently.
Understanding the importance of this event also means perceiving well the State’s approach to reduce the energy divide sustaina- bly. To the rod then, SONATREL, whose role was mentioned above.
So, SONATREL has to face a big challenge and more. The company feels ready for the mission. With the support and help of the population too, it intends to win the challenge of modernity by appealing to the civic sense of everyone to safe- guard the infrastructure of electricity transmission undergoing rehabilitation n

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