Page 160 - Atouts Economiques Cameroun-2019-GB
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Trunk Road N° 9
Mbalmayo - Ngolbang - Sangmélima - Djoum - Mintom
The 301.5-km road is still to be asphalted on its Djoum-Mintom segment.
Trunk Road N° 10
Yaoundé - Ayos - Bonis
About 328 km long, the main road is now enti- rely asphalted. The final act indicating official entry into service of the Ayos-Abong-mbang- Bonis road (192 km) was played recently with its inauguration by Prime Minister, Head of Government. Thus, it joins the trunk road N0 10 at 10km or so from Bertoua and opens to the corridor which links up Cameroon to the Central African Republic and Chad. By the way, the road unveils a few tourist and anthro- pological assets, including the fantastic flow of River Nyong black water.
Trunk Road N° 11
Bamenda - Bambui - Bafut - Wum
Out of a 430-km route, a few part of the road, 37.60 km, is asphalted. From Bamenda to Wum, it goes through two cliffs, which compli- cate traffic during the rainy season. The cliffs are found between Bafut and the crossing of the same river twice: Mezam and Mentchum, depending of the Division in which you are found. Future asphalting of steep slopes, will highly relieve the populations of the locality full of mysteries and unusual features that only a road can enable enhance.
An engineering infrastructure built on the outskirts of Douala
Trunk Road N° 12
Magada - Yagoua
The trunk road N° 12 is a side road of the trunk road N0 1. It goes from Magada to Yagoua up to the Chad border for a total of 144 km. Out of this, only two km remain of dirt road. One should not mind arid climate; on the other hand, you need to stroll throughout the route at the night- fall to discover people enjoying life after a hard day’s work. The evening atmosphere is mostly fuelled by the sale of bilibili, a local beer highly consumed in the region. A return to Lara, a loca- lity 10 km away from Kaélé, here we are on the road to Mindif to admire the Peak; the same road leads to Maroua.
Trunk Road N° 13
Guidjiba -Tcholliré -Touboro - Chad border
It is a 323-km totally dirt road. The Benoue Park and the Rey Bouba Lamidat are key attractions in the area.
Trunk Road N° 14
Mora-Kerawa - Nigeria border, (35 km)
Stop for a while at Mora and discover the hid- den splendor of the city under the trees. A trip to Kolofata at a stone through to Nigeria will still do you some good. In this area where great religious crusades used to take place, the most torrid dryness would not succeed stop- ping the foliage from spreading freshness the whole year round.

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