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                   Ministry of Transport
The Ministry of Transport is responsible for the development and implementation of government’s policy on transport, road safety, and meteorology, with the strategic objective of securing and facilitating the exchange of goods and people...
By its missions, the Ministry of Transport is hel- ping to make Cameroon a crossroads for trade in Central Africa, while contributing to the Head of State's desire to make it an emerging country by 2035. Many illustrations can be given on this subject, in the light of the achievements and chal- lenges identified during the 2017 financial year.
In the air transport sub-sector, for example, the initial turnaround at CAMAIR-Co is one of the greatest achievements of 2017, after the President of the Republic had validated Boeing’s programme in 2016. Through the programme “Cameroon first”, the company has enlarged its domestic network across the country; with 100 flights per week in the cities of Yaoundé, Douala, Garoua, Maroua, Bafoussam- Bamougoum, Bamenda and Ngaoundéré, it scores regularity and punctuality coefficients esti- mated at 80% and 99% respectively.
At sub-regional level, it already serves N'Djamena, Libreville, Cotonou and Dakar.
At another level, after the rehabilitation of the air- port pavements in Douala Airport in 2016, the Cameroon Airports Corporation (ADC) started in 2017 a second phase of the project, which includes the renovation of part of the passenger terminal, the reconfiguration of the boarding and disembarking satellites to improve passenger safety and comfort. These actions aim among other things at making Cameroonian airports more comfortable for the 2019 CAN.
Regarding the maritime and port sub-sector, follo-
wing important texts signed by the Head of State creating the management bodies and designa-
ting the social organs, it can be seen that there is
an improvement in the progressive setting up of >>>
 The Autonomous Port of Kribi experiences significant progress and promising outlook

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