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                and ambitious investment plan for renovation and development has been designed by Cyrus Ngo'o, the Managing Director and it is being implemented through numerous mature projects.
Beyond the purchase of the third gantry crane by the concessionary for the container terminal, we should mention the site for the removal of wreckage through the wharves, docks and water bodies, for a better navigability and exploitability of the port. The construction of new access infra- structures to reduce port congestion, the construc- tion of the Transimex-Mira road downstream port area; the creation of a bypass in the downstream zone of the Port of Douala; the study for the construction project of 20km of stabilized earth road as well as the modernization of the fishing port; the deepening and development of the access channel to the Port of Douala; the recons- truction of wharf 52 on the right bank of Wouri; the creation of a transit logistics base to the hin- terland countries, in order to have a secure par- king area for trucks serving Chad and the Central African Republic. To name only these sites.
During the historic stay of 2011 in Douala, the experienced, wise and visionary man, President Paul Biya had also announced inter alia, “the installation of a surveillance system of the port and the coast for monitoring and an efficient management of maritime traffic, and a biometric and perimeter control system of the entrances to the Douala port area, the rehabili- tation of buoys, stevedoring works and plat- forms of the Port Authority of Douala”. All these projects are underway, the most emblematic of which is securing the inside and outside boun- daries of the port of Douala. It implies building a physical fence on the boundaries of the entire Douala-Bonabéri port area (upstream
and downstream zone) and inside fences to define the various business sectors under the surveillance of customs service, with installation of video surveillance and LED lighting of the fences that is well advanced. The project will enable the reconstitution, training and activa- tion of a Port Security and Safety Corps.
We can also list the acquisition of watercraft. Four floating craft, including a pilot boat and three water patrol boats, were acquired and deployed. A multi-purpose machine, a beacon marker, a hawker and a dredge of more than 2,500 m3 are being transported to Cameroon.
Alongside these new equipment, the Directorate General has undertaken the rehabilitation of watercraft and terrestrial equipment broken down and abandoned for years, some of which for unspoken and even inconceivable reasons. These will come to improve in quantity and qua- lity, the park of water and terrestrial devices of the Port of Douala. Among them, the most emblematic include: The NYONG marker, the CHANTAL BIYA drag, the KORUP pilot boat and the HYDRO starter.
The competitiveness of the Port of Douala- Bonabéri is indeed regularly monitored by the actors in the logistics chain for which it is a major concern, and gives rise to comparisons with other ports. Appraised in terms of fluidity of operations and cost of passage, it is measured on commer- cial ports by performance indicators of logistics, nautical, servitude equipment etc. The new port developments underway at the Port of Douala- Bonabéri are destined to meet the concerns for competitiveness, through the provision of new infrastructures and super structures tailored to the larger physical size of vessels and traffic. >>>
 A partial view of the Douala-Bonabéri port infrastructures

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