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President Paul Biya had before everyone, gained a better understanding of the modernization issue for the Port of Douala-Bonabéri. A vital issue for the entire national economy, and even for the sub-region. “A gateway to Cameroon and seve- ral neighbouring countries, the backbone of the country's economy, Douala must remain at the forefront of our fight for faster growth and job creation. Due to its location in the heart of the Gulf of Guinea, Douala foreshadows the great African metropolis in a few years”, said the Head of State. And in line with the presidential instructions, Cyrus Ngo'o is committed to making the Port, a platform well integrated to its host city: “We are also concerned about finally connecting the port to Douala, its host city... We will there- fore launch the development of the right bank of Wouri with the Sawa Beach project”.
To shed even more light on the actions that are being carried out, Cyros Ngo'o, General Manager of the Port of Douala-Bonabéri has kindly answered a few questions.
A word on the work on modernizing the Port Authority of Douala that you started last year
The modernization process of the Port of Douala- Bonabéri as announced by President Paul Biya in 2011 is underway and in best conditions. This includes several projects that range from the stan- dardization of all the activities of the Port of Douala-Bonabéri, the removal of wreckage that litter the wharves, water bodies and docks, the construction of communication infrastructures,
Raising the PAD to recognized standards, and increase its performance
revisions of concessions, to the acquisition of aquatic equipment, the rehabilitation of other ones not to mention securing the port area, the construction of storerooms and holds etc.
You also announced your ambition to enhance performance, attractiveness and the competitiveness of the port of Douala- Bonabéri? What are the key measures taken in that direction?
In a competitive port environment, any port is obli- ged to determine its key factors of success and to position itself in relation to its competitors. For the Douala-Bonabéri port combine, it is the quest for performance, attractiveness and competitiveness.
For a port to be performing, it takes several criteria including: the natural environment of the port, namely the surface of the port area, littoral condi- tions, the depth of the channel, etc. All of these fac- tors influence the production and operation of the port; they also provide the basic operating environ- ment that conditions the radiation of the port.
That’s why we are recovering the entire 1000 hectares of the port. The acquisition of dredges for the permanent maintenance of the channel, the construction of new docks and the rehabilita- tion of some others. Infrastructures and super infrastructures of the port will complete the device. These actions and others will make it pos- sible to definitively curb the deficit in fluidity in the port and the reduction of the transit time. New tariffs that apply for port services are competitive.
A strategy for improving the quality of port ser- vices is implemented with the port community. It has become a business imperative. It is the result of the coordination of the stakeholders in the sup- ply of services. Obviously to implement all this,

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