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anarchic occupation of the port public domain, the squandering of real estate assets of the Port Authority of Douala.
The projects of standardization, modernization and development instructed by the Government of the Republic and in the process of being implemented aim precisely among other things at finding a defi- nitive solution to the deficit in fluidity. Which is one of the determining factors in the performance, attractiveness and competitiveness of a port.
We imagine that all these big projects are costly.
How and where do you manage to raise the necessary funds?
Actually, all these projects have a cost. That’s why we thought of raising an alternative funding. An entire financial engineering involving banking ins- titutions is therefore put in place by the port autho- rity to finance the structuring projects. So, over and above the capital, we are raising funds to the banks, of course with State’s support for the car- rying out in BOT of some important construction projects for port infrastructures and superstructures.
Alongside that, we focus on our own resources. We questioned the actors of the port community, during a Port-Synthesis session, for their adhesion and their understanding, in particular on the mea- sures that are taken by the Port Authority for the recovery and widening of the base port revenues. We undertook the reduction of our operating costs with the optimization of dredging
to reduce the costs and consequently to save money. We also expect to increase our opera- ting revenues through, inter alia, new benefits; the revision of the concession agreements to improve our revenues; the new operating and occupancy tariffs, for instance the land occupa- tion charges, which were extremely low compa- red to the prices charged by real estate develo- pers in the area; the strengthening of cooperation with the city of Douala and participation in achieving, in partnership with the latter, income- generating development projects for the PAD, of which the SAWA-BEACH project would be an important component.
President Paul Biya had also promised the optimization of the maritime coast of Cameroon with the development of new ports. What prospects are opening up for the Cameroonian port sector with the commissioning of the deep-water port of Kribi?
The Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya is the one who thought the 1998 port reform that creates several port authorities in Cameroon. As a visionary, and truly he is one, he intends to make our country, a sea and port hub must in the Gulf of Guinea. The deep-water port of Kribi is already operational, the estuary port of Douala, the economic heart of Cameroon is in an impor- tant phase of standardization, renovation and development as revealed by President Paul Biya in 2011 in Douala. Thus, Limbe and Garoua will complete the device. So we can but be optimistic about the future of Cameroon's port sector n
Cyros Ngo’o, Managing Director of the Douala-Bonabéri Port

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