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                 within the framework of a project offering access to digital resources in rural areas through community telecentres that can facilitate the promotion of “start-ups” throughout the terri- tory and extending to rural areas;
• Government’s communication through the inter- connection of 25 administrations through video conferencing;
• Hosting Cameroon’s local internet traffic mana- gement point: Internet exchange point (IXP);
• Hosting the number portability project. SERVICES TO OTHER PARTNERS
The CAMPOST through its Data Centre and its new range “CAMPOST Business Solution” pro- vides partners with innovative services such as:
• Server hosting: It provides customers with ser- vers or colocation spaces to deposit data or equipment;
• Application hosting: The shared application hosting solution guarantees customers maximum data protection, access security, equipment redundancy, fire protection system;
• Video Conferencing and TV Presence: They offer an alternative to physical travel for training, meetings, assistance, etc., and allow companies to reduce travel expenses and increase the pro- ductivity of their staff;
The Campost Data Centre, a technological wake-up in the post service
• Video surveillance: This new generation remote surveillance solution enables to deters intruders, alert and record images;
• The Call Centre: CAMPOST offers companies, administrations and institutions a few services of its call centre for Tele information, telemarketing, on-line sales of products, after-sales service, etc.
• A broadband internet offer: Through its infra- structure, CAMPOST offers customers via CAM- TEL a high-speed network access for their activity;
• Interconnection of sites: This service is intended for companies that have branches or agencies scattered in several localities and who wish to centralize them.
• Infrastructure Security: To address security concerns, the centre has developed leading- edge technologies for cyber incidents. Energy security is not the least with autono- mous dedicated generators coupled with inverters of great capacity to overcome any major power failure.
The Data Centre has been deployed to handle large volumes of data and to host large informa- tion capacities. It is thus positioned as an essen- tial platform for development and modernization for private individuals, businesses, administra- tions and SMEs. With this infrastructure, CAMPOST projects itself into the future n

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