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Investment programme funding for water supply and sanitation
selection and maturing of second-generation pro- jects; to remove the main bottlenecks that hinder the competitiveness of the economy.
Ultimately, the expected results relate to a greater diversification of the Cameroonian economy, greater transformation of primary products and better integration of the national economy into the global value chain.
For this reason, the Government intends, to rein- force the support system for the private sector and enable it to mobilize private savings, but also to
have access to the funding lines put in place by the international financial institutions including the International Finance Corporation and the European Investment Bank.
More specifically, it means strengthening the export capacity of the Cameroonian economy by promoting “National Champions” in the main growth sectors, promoting import or substitution, strengthening the industrial fabric and creating more jobs, especially for young people.
Moreover, during the 2018 financial year, the authorities will strive to provide a factual translation of “Economic Patriotism” by inviting economic ope- rators and the State to favour, more than in the past, the national preference. The idea is that the sense of belonging to a common economic and social space can lead to the emergence, in many actors, of a moral obligation to support and encourage certain economic activities, sometimes to the detri- ment of certain considerations in the short-term.
MINEPAT's actions therefore focus mainly on:
Supporting economic recovery to speed up growth is one of MINEPAT's main programmes. It contributes to the improvement of the growth rate and is assessed through two indicators: the imple- mentation rate of the Public Investment Budget (PIB) and the investment rate. As of December 31, 2017, the implementation rate of the BIP stood at 91.95% against 95.94% in 2016.
To reverse this trend and achieve the target of 100% by 2018, the Government undertook and pursued the following actions:
The MINEPAT in Tunis, Tunisia to sign a loan agreement for SONARA

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