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                 • The Douala-Bassa Industrial Zone and the Douala-Bonabéri Industrial Zone, Littoral Region
• The Garoua Industrial Zone, North Region
• The Bafoussam Industrial Zone, West Region
• The industrial zone of Ombé, South-West Region
• The Koumé-Bonis Industrial Zone and Mandjou Kano Industrial Zone, in the East Region
• The Bamenda-Nkwen Industrial Zone, North- West Region
In the main, MAGZI’s projects focus on the crea- tion of new industrial zones; the latter will have to see the light of day soon or later:
Industrial zones in the process of creation:
n The industrial zone of Mbankomo-Nomayos; n The industrial zone of Meyomessala. Industrial zones in the pipeline
n The industrial zone of Kribi (Port Industrial Area of the Deep Water Port of Kribi);
n The industrial zone of Yassa
n The industrial zone of Dibombari n The industrial zone of Maroua
A meeting of the Board of Directors
n The industrial zone of Edéa
n The industrial zone of Dibamba
At MAGZI, our expectations are to have suffi- cient financial and necessary means for the deve- lopment of industrial zones in accordance with international standards required in this field.
Focused on its primary missions, MAGZI has specific objectives, which consist in:
• Guaranteeing land and legal security of investments;
• Contributing to the emergence of Cameroon through the development of a national industrial fabric;
• Facilitating the reception of investors;
• Contributing to the reduction of unemployment
through the settlement of industries;
• Participating in the management of urban or peri-urban space;
• Protecting the environment. HIGH VALUES
In its quest for excellence the Industrial Zones Development and Management Authority (MAGZI) has always put forward high values, such as respon- sibility, performance, ethics and team spirit n

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