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GULFIN (Gulf and Guinea Investment Shipping and Trading Corporation) was created in 2009, having as main activities conveying, trading and distribution of petroleum products; it has 150 permanent employees and 100 temps.
Besides its ambition to remain a key player in the petroleum sector, GULFIN seeks to be closer to the local communities. That’s why its network development policy is targeting the sites in the outskirts and in the heart of poor quarters to set up its filling stations. GULFIN’s filling stations design was recently changed. The new architecture of a special kind, with a futuristic lighting design, and a majestic red G to the pump praises the Genius and Generosity of the corporation while contributing to embellishing the cities. GULFIN’s filling stations are a continuous network from the Baré-Bakem Station in the Moungo, through Bonendalé, Douala, gets to Edéa, and extends to Yaoundé. Now, GULFIN’s network in Cameroon is of about twenty filling stations.
GULFIN corporation, with a view to offering a set of quality services and within proximity of communities, equally provides the sale of motor fuels, lamp oil, car washes and lubrication, domestic gas. GULFIN now has an effective organization to supply fuels and international trademark RYMAX lubricants, as well, for the structuring projects markets. GULFIN’s filling stations are equipped with shops, which are true mini-markets for the satisfaction of car dri- vers and the inhabitants of the catchment area.
Created in May 2009 – Head office: Maritime business centre – Bonandjo
A limited company capitalized at CFA F 1 000 000 000
PO Box: 3876 DOUALA – CAMEROON Tel:(237) 233 42 00 64/233 42 09 09 FAX: (237) 233 42 76 76 E-mail: website :

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