Page 203 - Atouts Economiques Cameroun-2019-GB
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                 The improvement of access to urban services consists in making accessible urban services to all, by improving management of infrastruc- tures and urban services and life environment in poor areas, whereas the improvement of access to basic social services aims at making basic social services accessible to all, by creating conditions of improving accessibility
Offering a better access to urban services
and quality of health care, fight against HIV/AIDS and malaria, prevention of drug addiction and petty crime, nutrition and pro- motion of basic education.
Government’s actions focus on the maintenance, rehabilitation and the construction of urban roads. In 2016, maintenance work concerned among others: 69,6 km of dirt roads in 25 coun- cils, and 17,5 km of coated roads in 11 cities. In addition, 3 cities, including Yaoundé, Nkongsamba and Eséka benefited from mainte- nance of coated roads as part of an emergency intervention work. The rehabilitation of urban roads focused in particular on 14.25 km in Buea and Limbé; 31.25 km in Yaoundé and Douala; 1.8 km in Mbalmayo.
Construction works on urban roads are carried out on: 18.7 km of access roads and 72 000 m2 of parkings and green spaces in Buea and Limbe; 4.25 km of access road in Yaoundé. In addition, construction work on the Yaoundé- Nsimalen motorway in its open country sec- tion is 70% complete, while the access road to MbangaBakoko social housing in Douala is 53% complete.
sanitation continued in 2016 with the construc- tion of a 9-km drain in Yaoundé the Mfoundi canal and its tributaries. The rainwater drainage
Sanitation in urban area has continued

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