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operations on a layout of 39 km in Douala conti- nue with a completion rate of 22%. To fight urban disorder, 100 modern commercial kiosks were built in Yaoundé.
To promote integrated social development in urban areas, 200 young people were trained in horticul- ture, manufacturing and paving in the councils of Foumbot, Bankim and Ebolowa I. Workshops to manufacture compressed clay bricks were built and equipped in the youth integration centres of Yaoundé (Nkomkana) and Bagangte.
Demand for housing is assessed at nearly one mil- lion, with an increase by 100,000 every year.
Faced with this situation and in a bid to hoist Cameroon in the sphere of emerging countries by 2035, the Cameroonian Government is com- mitted within the context of its strategy for growth and employment to build more than 17,000 public housing units, to provide 50,000 plots and to strengthen institutional capacities enabling him on the one hand, to increase the supply of which the demand from the underprivileged is becoming increasingly strong, and on the other hand, to contribute to the development of towns as goods and wealth production centres.
In 2016, as part of the government's programme for 10,000 social housing, the construction work of the first 1,675 housing units entrusted to local SMEs is in progress, with implementation levels of 90% for Yaoundé and 67% for Douala.
Within the framework of the cooperation with China: the construction of 50 social housing units in Limbe has been completed; the construction of
Demand in housing is estimated at nearly a million
50 housing units in each of the cities of Bafoussam, Bamenda and Sangmélima is under- way; the work for the construction of 530 hou- sing units of the city of the fiftieth anniversaries in Douala has started.
As part of PLANUT, the construction work for 100 housing units in Ebolowa is 34% comple- ted. To recapture the displaced population due to the floods, the emergency flood control pro- ject built 257 huts, 66 latrines, 66 kitchens, 3 human-powered boreholes and 7 wells in Yagoua for 72 families.
From there to 2035, the government made a commitment on the construction of more than 17 000 social housing

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