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Ministry of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure
The Ministry of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure (MINDCAF) is responsible for the development and implementation of the Government's policy with regard to state property, cadastral and land issues. It is responsible for the constitution and control of land reserves ...
Le Renouveau Foncier is palpable in Cameroon, under the impetus of President Paul BIYA, who has taken a strong option for the modernization of the country. Its essence is the modernization of land governance, against the backdrop of reforms and an increase in the quality of the service rendered to the user, with a view, in particular, to making land a real factor of economic production and a lever for growth and development. of social wel- fare. In line with the orientations defined in the Strategy Document for Growth and Employment (DSCE), in which the Government of Cameroon undertook to remove the land constraint, to facili- tate the development of infrastructure, rationalize the allocation of land resources and improve the business climate, significant progress is recorded through: the streamlining of procedures; support for productive investment; improving the business climate; access to land ownership and the streng- thening of land and legal security.
It is carried out with a threefold aim of simplifying procedures, increasing transparency and intensi- fying the fight against corruption. Thanks to the combined provisions of the Ministry's organiza- tional chart and a regularly updated regulatory arsenal, important simplification and deconcen- tration measures have been introduced, bringing users closer to services, relieving them of these services and of significantly reduce the proces- sing time of files. The recent creation of three land tenure specialties in Yaoundé and Douala, in addition to transfers of powers from the central directorates to the regional and departmental delegations, are part of this vision.
Question transparency, Decree No. 2014/3211 / PM of 29 September 2014 fixing the minimum prices applicable to transactions on land in the pri- vate domain of the State has provided a regulatory framework consistent with the setting of scales of fees which must acquit the lessee, for the purpose
of assigning ownership or lease, of a dependency of the private domain of the State. In the same vein, Decree No. 2014/3209 / PM of 29 September 2014 fixing minimum prices for annual fees for the occupation of dependencies in the public domain has defined the regulatory frame- work for the collection of royalties in this area, which it was done arbitrarily, on a case by case basis and / or at the customer's head. To support these efforts, our departmental anti-corruption stra- tegy has been enriched by a weighty instrument, the user follow-up sheet, instituted by instructions on March 10, 2017, to allow each user and promo- ter project, to closely monitor procedures and to report any blockages at any stage or place. This accelerates the pace of land availability and increases the contribution of MINDCAF to the implementation of productive investments.
In this context, the MINDCAF has invested in the constitution of land reserves for the agroindustry and the realization of the estate subdivisions, the provision of base lands for public investment pro- jects and private sector, as well as the develop- ment of the regulatory framework for the provision of land to developers in economic zones. Land Renewal has thus been particularly successful in securing and providing plots for project implemen- tation to various state and non-state actors.
including the densification of the national road net- work, the construction of urban and rural roads, the increase of energy supply, the construction of building plots, the construction of social housing, the implementation of the Emergency Plan triennial (PLANUT) and the construction of the infrastructures for the 2019 TOTAL CAN. For private promoters, and in favor of Prime Minister's circular No. 001 / CAB / PM of 1 April 2014, concerning the pro- visions applicable to investors for access to land, the procedures to be followed by domestic and foreign investors for access to land in Cameroon for their projects are expedited and expedited. As for the provision of land to the promoters of the

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