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 PO Box : 1248 - Yaounde
Tel. (237) 222 22 31 13 (237) 222 22 21 02 Fax. (237)
The Urban and Rural Land Development and Equipment Authority (MAE- TUR) is increasingly, owing to its prerogatives, proving to be a key player in the structuring and development of Cameroonian cities, and contributes significantly to the reduction of the housing shortage...
A few reasons spurred on the creation of the Urban and Rural Development and Equipment Authority on June 23, 1977 including develo- ping and making easier the access to full owner- ship; putting an end to the urban disorder that had settled in the local landscape since indepen- dence. MAETUR therefore had to carry out its missions by developing new areas and restructu- ring areas of dominant informal housing.
Despite an economic environment at times unfa- vorable, MAETUR never stopped its production level; rather it changed its tasks to succeed in doing achievements that have changed the face of major Cameroonian cities. As a result, it has not only contributed to land security in the coun- try, but also to the comfort of housing in the areas it has developed and helped to divide into plots.
At the celebration of its 40 years, which led to various activities, the highly appreciated qualities of contributor to development and provider of ser- vices to the company, were acclaimed. More specifically, the intention for the celebration was to assess, firstly, the experience acquired by MAETUR in 40 years of output throughout the national territory. Secondly, to set the resulting expertise for the challenges of the future.
To tell the truth, their record is quite eloquent. To date, the Authority can boast of:
n Having brought into the state domain over 15,000 hectares of land;
n Being at the origin of 1 / 5th of the city of Yaoundé;
n Beingattheoriginof1/5thofthecity of Douala;
n Having housed, in the end, over 50 000 households on spaces it developed.
Among other things, MAETUR intervened in vacant land, that is to say in open land, for
appropriate developments, but it was also brought to intervene, still at the invitation of the State, in occupied zone, for restructuring.
At the present time, it is safe to say that about two million Cameroonians (almost one out of ten of the country's sons and daughters) now live in a housing development or project that has been carried out by MAETUR.
Actually, the company is aware that important chal- lenges are still to take up, especially when we consider the achievements and performance com- pared with all housing needs: more than 120 thou- sand homes per year - The figure does not take into account the accumulated shortage over the years.
It’s therefore time for projection towards the future. This implies having a clear idea of what needs to be done, and developing a matrix of actions after having discussed with all the partners of the sector. Particularly at the local level, with different Ministries and decentralized territorial authorities, but also the universities and all the structures in which the profes- sionals of the sector meet. This exchange of views and mutually enriching sharing took place during the celebration of the aforementioned 40th anniver- sary of MAETUR. This means that the company has had the right elements to develop its roadmap for the next few years. One of its main objectives is to produce more, and produce better, and thereby guarantee its sustainability.
Based on its now proven expertise, a happy com- bination of a long experience and high quality of human resources, MAETUR, as a real industrial company, will continue to answer a crucial chal- lenge consisting in planning, developing and allo- wing the construction of new areas, with a com- fortable houses. This, according to a master plan for urban development, jointly developed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MINHDU) and the Ministry of Lands, Survey and

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