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                 • Two (2) ginning factories and a mill to be set up; • Civil engineering equipment for rural tracks
• Poly-skips trucks for cotton collection;
• A working capital for fertilizers to be granted the Cameroon National Association of Cotton Producers (CNPC-C);
• The reorganization of the company’s overall governance, with the implementation of a new procedures manual and a geographic informa- tion system;
• The modernization of cotton grading, using the latest technological equipment and,
• The setting up of young farmers on EDF funds, for a mechanized farming, and the (electrical and solar) energy self-sufficiency of all ginning mills.
UNVDA : Improving development and food security
The Upper Noun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA) is a Company created as an Authority in 1970 by Presidential Decree N0 70/DF/529 on 29 October 1970 and thereaf- ter converted into a Development Company by another Presidential Decree N0 78/157 on 11 May 1978. It currently operates in five (05) Divisions: Mezam, Ngoketunjia and Bui in the North-West Region, Noun and Bamboutos in the West Region.
A Presidential Decree N° 78/157 on 11 May 1978 gave UNVDA the task of developing agri- culture in the Upper Noun Valley; it equally rede- fined its duties within the framework of a direct intervention in rice production, processing and marketing.
• Improvement of the living conditions in the area;
• Reducing poverty and rural exodus in the inter- vention zone;
• Contributing to food security and self-suffi- ciency in the area in particular, and Cameroon.
• Improving rice production and reducing imports.
Thanks to Government’s support through the 2013-2015 budget of the Planning Agreement between the STATE and UNVDA, UNVDA has begun to acquire equipment in order to facilitate the achievement of the above-mentioned works. Similarly through the 2017budget of the Three-year Emergency Plan (PLANUT), UNVDA was able to order the supply of certain equipment and the achieve- ment of certain activities such as the provision of motorcycles for extension workers, tractors and accessories, spare parts for the Garage and the Rice mill facility, agricultural inputs for rice farmers, inputs for the production of rice seeds, funds for the purchase of paddy, funds for the rehabilitation of some damaged areas. In addition, we can also mention:
• A constant and close supervision of rice far- mers through extension agents;
• The multiplication and distribution of improved seeds and fertilizers to farmers and their recove- ries during harvest;
• The development of rice cultivation with irriga- tion techniques and the creation of infrastructures;
• Permanent maintenance of production infra- structures and the equipment installed.
Other operations include the processing of paddy and marketing of finished products and by-products.
The production facilities made available to the Upper Noun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA) since its creation are:
• Developed rice fields;
• Irrigation and drainage systems with related
structures; > > >

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