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                 • Access and internal roads with related structures;
• Paddy storage rooms (shopping centers);
• Buildings (offices, residential houses, industrial buildings, agricultural machinery parking and civil engineering machinery). Etc.
• Production facilities: Transformation of 2,532 hectares of swamps into rice fields, construction of 2,500 km of small dykes, construction of 85 km of a main belt-dam embankment;
• Irrigation and drainage structures: Construction of 14 dams, opening of 222.9 km Irrigation and drainage canal network, Construction of 49 water distributors
• Roads and related structures: 170 km of inter- nal roads, 100 km of access roads, 25 semi- final bridges, 152 ducts;
• Storage and processing facilities: Construction of storage rooms (15 shopping centers and a rice mill store of a capacity 300 and 3500 t respec- tively); steel industrial construction coupled with a processing unit of a capacity of 3.5 t/hour;
• Buildings: 2 administrative blocks, 2 industrial buil- dings, 3 administrative warehouses, 2 car parks;
• Machinery and vehicles: Heavy machinery (2 bulldozers, hydraulic excavators, motor graders, compactors, tank carriers etc.); light and heavy vehicles (06 Pickups, 20 ton trucks, etc.); tractors and accessories of various sizes.
Rehabilitation work underway and yet to be car- ried out includes:
• The completion of the rehabilitation works include 2532 ha of rice fields that had been damaged.
• The development of 3000 ha of traditional rice fields currently under exploitation;
• The development of new rice fields in other plains; • Developing rural infrastructures, and opening
commercial opportunities.
Some techniques and technologies used by UNVDA
• Acquisition, creation, administration, exploitation and development of any agricultural business on the one hand, and on the other hand the proces- sing and packaging of products, particularly rice;
• The creation, management and development of hydro-agricultural projects and road projects in the public domain that will allow agricultural expan- sion in the Upper Noun Valley, which means buil- ding and maintaining dams, dykes, polders and drainage systems, roads and other works to achieve the company’s goals under this heading;
• Helping farmers and their groups involved in culti- vation and whose production is likely to be collec- ted, packaged and transformed into the Company's infrastructure network in the Upper Noun Valley;
• Execution of industrial and commercial opera- tions that may be annexed to the aforementioned purposes;
• Renting, purchase and sale of all buildings and land, creation of all industrial and commercial esta- blishments or any company also related to the objec- tives mentioned above, including all direct or indi- rect operations with defined activities and having the characteristics to increase their development;
• Settling down farmers to occupy and cultivate plots in the camps developed by the company;

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