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Outlets were opened in the Centre Region (Yaoundé, Bafia, Yoko);
West Region, (Bafoussam, Tonga, Dschang, Foumbot);
Littoral Region (Douala);
South-West Region (Buea, Kumba, Limbe, Mamfe);
North-West Region (Bamenda, Kumbo, Nkambe, Ndu, Wum, Esu, Misaje, Kimbi, Fonfuka, Dumbu, Fundong, Belo, Konene);
Adamawa Region (Ngaoundal, Tibati, Darbe).
The sales outlet in Douala was closed due to increased costs of a risky management of the store.
Our main intermediaries (Aladji Abubakar Boro, Mallam Sanda Bouba, Mallam Oumarou Sale, Mr. Shudzeka Clement, Francis Ajou, Hans N. Kong continued to open sales outlets in the North-West, West, Centre, South-West.
FPRIA-C - RICE : Successful first steps towards production
The Avangane Irrigated Rice Farm Pilot Project (FPRIA-C), a result of cooperation between the Republic of Cameroon and the Republic of South Korea, is active in the Centre Region, Upper-Sanaga Division, Nkoteng Sub-Division, in Avangane, Bankeng and Ndoumba villages for almost six (6) years (2011-2018). The pro- ject is part of the Republic of South Korea's contribution to the National Rice Development Strategy (NRDS), which aims at boosting domestic rice production and reducing signifi- cant imports of rice that weigh down the natio- nal trade balance. Therefore, FPRIA-C aims at setting up a mechanized farm model that can be duplicated in different potential rice-growing areas in Cameroon.
Its main results after two phases (2011-2014 and 2014-2018) are the following:
n Thedevelopmentofhydro-agriculturalareasfor irrigated rice production in Avangane and Bankeng on about 31 hectares,
n The construction of a fully equipped rice mill,
n The construction of a base camp,
n The development of a drinking water point for the surrounding populations of the project,
n The electrification of the villages project sites, n The reprofiling of some roads and point of
access to the different sites,
n The construction of an agricultural training cen- ter (rice growing) in Ndoumba with a capacity of 36 places of a bording school system.
Production and distribution
of irrigated and rainfed rice seeds
The project uses part of its sites for the pro- duction of irrigated rice seeds, which are sub- sequently distributed to producers in all rice- growing basins at the national scale (South, North and Grassfield regions). The project’s production capacity is 310 certified seeds of irrigated rice.
Actually, since 2016, when seed production started, FPRIA-C has distributed: 20 t of cer- tified seeds of irrigated rice and 05 t of cer- tified seeds of rainfed rice to producers in the localities of Minta, Nkolbisson, Nkoteng, Batchenga, Okola, Sanchou and Gaoua Boulai.
Training and structuring, the vitriolitic process
Producers under assistance and who receive the certified seeds produced, must have first undergone training in rice farming (cultural techniques, post-harvest, marketing, search for funding...) by the project through their trai- ning center; but also, the latter must be struc- tured into producer organizations and coope- ratives. To date, the project has trained nearly

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