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 Coopérative Total amount*
Coopératives PIDMA Cal Bank (Own ressources) (subsidies) BICEC (loant)
 Total resource mobized
231 895 000 23 000 000 115 500 000 93 000 000
 231 500 000
302 220 000 30 842 000 250 410 000 121 000 000
 402 252 000
 TOTAL 534 115 000 53 842 000 365 910 000 214 000 000
 633 752 000
After three years (2015-2017) of promoting development in the sorghum value chain through a partnership between PIDMA and each of these two cooperatives, CROPSEC sold at an average contract price of 199 667 CFA F/T to the abovementioned Brewing Company, about 5000 t of cleaned seed sorghum, and achieved sales revenues of 997 775 412 CFA F among which 799 919 360 CFA F redistributed to its members who are small producers. Uncleaned seed sorghum is bought from its members avera- gely at 160,000 CFA F/T.
From an analysis of the achievements of the two cooperatives, PIDMA contributed to the improvement of: (i) the average purchase price to co-operators by 81%, (ii) the average selling price to the buyer by 80%, (iii) the total quantity of seed sorghum sold to the buyer by 59%, the cooperative's total sales revenues by 47%, and the amount redistributed to co- operators by 48%.
*Subproject/ Cooperative’s business plan
Without PIDMA, the purchase price offered by SOCOCCEN to its members for 1 901 t of uncleaned sorghum would average 130 000 CFA F/T, the average selling price at the market 150 000 CFA F/ T, for a total sales revenues of 285 176 471 CFA F and an amount of 247 152 941 CFA F redistributed to the members.
Out of SOCOCCEN's achievements, PIDMA contributed to the improvement: the average pur- chase price to cooperators by 81%, the average selling price to the buyer by 78%, the total quantity of seed sorghum sold to the buyer by 59%, the total sales revenues of the cooperative by 45% and the amount redistributed to cooperators by 48%.
As an illustration, the analysis that follows from the above, PIDMA’s approach including, (i) the framework agreement with a Buyer, (ii) the tri- partite partnership agreement Cooperative- Buyer Commercial Bank, (iii) ) the purchase agreement between the cooperative benefi- ciary of PIDMA and the Purchaser, (iv) the pro- motion of development in value chains in com- pliance with environmental safeguarding mea- sures contributes not only to the increase in production, quantity of marketable raw mate- rial, cooperative and members’ income, but also to the improvement of the living condi- tions of the members of the cooperative. Owing to the material to transform, in other words, sorghum, a process that takes place in the greatest interest of the producer.
Maize, cassava and sorghum sectors: 27 billion CFA F invested between 2016 and 2018 for sus- tainable contract farming
The Agricultural Markets Investment and Development Project (PIDMA) is a joint initiative of the Cameroonian Government and the World Bank, which is part of the implementation of the new second-generation agriculture policy. The Project's development goal is to contribute to the transformation of subsistence farming of cassava, maize and sorghum, characterized by low pro- ductivity, into commercial agriculture with compe- titive value chains in the five agro-ecological zones of Cameroon.
Fund-raising in (CFA F)

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