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 PO Box : 05 - NJOMBE & 15317 - DOUALA Tel. : (237) 677 50 03 85
PHP is a subsidiary of the Marseille-based Group ‘Compagnie Fruitière’, which is the leading fruit and vegetables producer in the ACP zone. In Africa, it is about Cameroon, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana, 4 countries for nearly 500,000 tons of fruits and vegetables exported and a total workforce of 20,640...
“Integrated Development” is an expression that best defines the current configuration of the ‘Compagnie Fruitière’. Actually, it masters all of its different core professions, from the production of plant material to the marketing.
Its Cameroonian subsidiary, the ‘Société des Plantations du Haut Penja’, created in 1973, is the largest banana producer in Cameroon, and a historic and emblematic plantation with 166 000 tons of banana exported to Europe in 2017 for an area under cultivation of 3800 ha.
Defining strategic main lines for continuous improvement
• Social issues: Quality of jobs, dignity at work and social promotion;
• Environment: sustainable agriculture, savings in phytopharmaceuticals;
• Commercial recognition under its flagship brands SCB, BOUBA and SAVANA, and that of its multifaceted commitment (societal, environ- mental and quality).
Diversification commitment
• Attraction products. Labeled pepper “Protected Geographical Indication” (30 tons /year). Cocoa production and local processing in choco- late under the brand “Ateliers des Cinq Volcans”;
• Technical assistance. Transfer of technology to partner plantations as Boh Plantations Limited (BPL) and Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC);
Civic engagement beyond its basic obligations
• In 1996, PHP built a reference hospital run by the ‘Ordres Hospitalières Francaises de l’Ordre de Malte’. The hospital has 120 beds, an excep- tional technical platform including laparoscopic surgery, all open to the public at charitable rates;
• The Fair Trade certification, which allows PHP employees to produce social and community works. Between 2015 and 2016, a total of FCFA 267 000 000 was invested in community projects in the fields of health and education;
• The allocation of set-aside land to multiple women farmers' associations in Nyombe, Penja and Loum;
• Participation in the improvement of the living conditions of its employees and the neighbouring communities, thanks to many social actions rela- ted to its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.
A certified company
At the expense of a deep structural planning that shows its commitment in social, environmental and quality issues, the company has obtained: the ISO 14001 certification in 2001 for environ- mental protection; the Global GAP certification in 2004 for product quality and consumer food security, FairTrade certification in 2013 for the social management of its employees and neigh- bouring communities and the Rain Forest Alliance in 2016 for its sustainable agriculture approach with reference to the SAN Standard (Sustainable Agriculture Network) n

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