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Founded in March 1991, Cameroon United Forests (CUF) is involved in logging, timber processing and wood trade. CUF has acquired a solid reputation and has a powerful and modern processing unit...
In March 1991, Cameroon United Forests, quickly known as “CUF”, came to being. It is involved in logging, wood processing and trade. CUF has grown from 15 employees in 1991, to 800 now. With its own 5 Forest Management Units (FMUs) and 2 in partnership, CUF covers a total area of more than 350,000 hectares. Its logging conces- sions are located in southern Cameroon.
In order to meet the will of the Head of State, which aims at promoting local processing of wood, and the desire to maximise profitability for the raw material, CUF had to purchase an indus- trial sawmill in 2010. The facility which is located in the heart of the city of Ebolowa has helped strengthen the economic growth of the South region and its surroundings. A second sawing line was acquired in 2011 and a third, more modern, in 2016. Thanks to these three lines, CUF now
has a production capacity of 5000 m3 of debits per month, of which 80% of sawn lumbers for export and 20% of debits sold locally.
CUF also has a 2nd processing unit, which allows the production of finished products and six drying cells.
For the year 2017, Cameroon United Forests produced 220 146 m3 of wood.
CUF is attentive to the social problems of the sho- reline populations and actively participates in local socio-economic development. It promotes the recruitment of employees in the area of ope- rations and finances local development projects.
Also from a social point of view, the Cameroon United Forests Corporation pays each year more than 500 million CFA francs for the benefit of the

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