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                 municipalities and village communities of its area of exploitation under the RFA (Annual Forest Tax).
CUF participates in the reforestation of the Cameroonian forest. It set up a nursery with a capacity of 24,000 plants. Each year, 6000 trees are planted to enrich the concessions.
In 2005, Cameroon United Forests (CUF) obtained, after several audits, the OLB certification (Origin and Legality of Wood) issued by Bureau Veritas.
The label provides guarantees required by a gro- wing number of customers (especially in Europe and the United States) concerning the legal origin of timber and their traceability from the produc- tion forest to the importing customers.
Cameroon United Forests (CUF) is aware of the dangers involved in handling mechanical tools and is committed to informing, reporting, refer- ring and guiding users in order to limit
the risks of accidents that may occur. Signage ade- quately illustrates the environmental protection chal- lenge initiated by Cameroon United Forests (CUF).
Cameroon United Forests (CUF) joins the GTZ group and the Cameroon Wood Industry (GFBC) group in the fight against HIV-AIDS through free and organized screening campaigns at its various sites, awareness of prevention methods and also the distribution of condoms to its entire staff.
The will of the Cameroon United Forests (CUF) to guarantee the social well-being of the riparian populations on its different operation sites is also
reflected through different donations: subsidy of micro-projects such as the construction of class- rooms, meeting shelters, health centres and the distribution of generators.
After 27 years of uninterrupted activities, Cameroon United Forests (CUF) is firmly committed to the long-term and wants to remain more compe- titive. To this end, they intend to set up the days ahead a peeling unit and a flooring that will allow to offer, both locally and internationally, a finished product of superior quality ready for use n

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