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Created in March 1974, SODEPA ensures sustained and diversified animal production in both quantity and quality; Since then, it has become an essential tool for food safety and traceability of meat while contributing to local and national socio-economic development...
The Animal Productions Development and Exploitation Corporation (SODEPA), created by Decree N° 74/182 on March 08, 1974, modified and completed by Decree N0 81/395 on September 09, 1981, aims at the production, nationwide fresh meat products for household consumption and by-products through the management of ranches, abattoirs and butchers. A Public Limited Company hea- ded by a Board of Directors headquartered in Yaoundé under technical supervision by the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries, and for financial supervision, the Ministry of Finance, SODEPA is also a corpo- ration in support to sustainable development, which has a property portfolio of approxima- tely 383,233 hectares. It also has operational units, ranches, agricultural development zones and slaughterhouses.
Regarding ranches, we mainly have: the Faro Ranch (Adamawa), 60 000 ha; the Ndokayo Ranch (East), 144,000 ha; the Dumbo Ranch (North-West), 38,000 ha; the Jakiri Breeding Station (North-West), with an area of 600 ha.
In addition, as part of the implementation of the Meat I and II Plan, Decree N0 74/412 on 24 April 1974 delineated the national perimeters for agricultural development.
For the development, supervision and organi- zation of professional producers, the perime- ters of Dibi, Tourningal and Djohong (Adamawa) and the sectors of Tadu and Tugi (North-West) are granted the SODEPA. Supervision focuses on: support in breeding activities, provision of services for genetic improvement through breeding, crossbreeding and embryo transfer, animal housing in all sea- sons, pasture management, forage crop, feasi- bility studies and support-consultancy.
SODEPA intends to contribute to the promotion of a modern livestock sector that guarantees growth, employment and self-sufficiency of animal proteins by 2035. In its vision for the modernization of lives- tock production, the Government through MINEPIA, is leading SODEPA, towards: an evolution for a second generation breeding on ranches; the indus- trialization of cattle industry through the moderniza- tion of slaughterhouses, the construction of cold stores and control butchers. That is why strategically, the company's development vision is in line with MINEPIA’s guidelines and the GESP objectives.
SODEPA intends to develop livestock farming and improve food security in Cameroon and beyond.
As such, it is mainly responsible for: the acquisition, creation, administration, exploitation and develop-
ment of all enterprises of breeding, production of agricultural commodities necessary for this bree- ding, processing and conservation of animal pro- duction, particularly in slaughterhouses, cold stores
and packaging workshops; trading farmed or pro- cessed farmed products, including their by-pro- ducts; promoting breeding techniques, products for marketing and derivatives; biotechnological deve- lopment; developing and managing a strategic permanent meat security stock in cold stores; mana-
ging the national collective heritage in the national agricultural development areas and all collective works of the said existing areas or to be created by
it, in accordance with the terms and conditions of
the specifications attached to the concession decree; assistance to farm operators and farmers of national agricultural management areas,
as well as to meat retailers, in particular in the form
of technical supervision and control of the agricultu-
ral or commercial credit granted them; the exercise
of any commercial or industrial operations that may
be connected with the aforementioned objectives > > >

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