Page 256 - Atouts Economiques Cameroun-2019-GB
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“Les Brasseries du Cameroun” a highly important manufacturing industry in the country
2015. The sub-sector contributed 2 points to the growth of the secondary sector, against 1.6 points in 2015. This improvement was supported by a 5.4% increase in the value added of “other manufacturing industries”. Growth rate in the “food industries” was 2.3%.
In “food industries”, the branches that support growth are: “cereal-based products manufactu- ring” (+ 14.7%); “Meat and fish industries” (+ 10.4%); “Cocoa, coffee, tea and sugar indus- tries” (+ 6.9%). However, there was a declining
growth in the “Milk, fruit, vegetables and other food products” (-14.6%) and “Fats and feeds” industries (-6.6%).
In “other manufacturing industries”, growth was supported by the following branches: “manufactu- ring of other non-metallic mineral products (+ 18.5%); “Transportation equipment manufacturing” (+ 18.5%); “oil refining, coking and the nuclear industry”(+ 15.2%); “Rubber production and plas- tics products manufacturing” (+ 9.6%). Production capacity is increasing in three of the four cement
Manufacturing industries have experienced a 4% increase in the value added

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