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                 Head of State wishes emergence by 2035. To do this, Cameroon encourages private invest- ment through the public-private partnership. Prometal is therefore a company benefiting from supervision by the State whose objective is to speed up the country’s industrialization process.
The Japoma Stadium under construction
The awareness of this responsibility underpins the commitment and dynamism of the young company which, in just eight years, has changed the face of the metallurgical sector in Cameroon, the CEEAC sub-region and even in Sub-Saharan Africa.
The technology in usage at Prometal is the latest in the industry. Actually, the electric arc furnace attributes to the company multiple capacities as much in volume of production as in consumption of energy and environmental preservation. Averagely 200,000 tons per year is the tonnage delivered by this unique production tool in Sub- Saharan Africa excluding Nigeria.
But to meet the requirements of the international market, Prometal has been able to tie in with the international ISO 9001 Quality standard since 2014 of which they recently acquired the latest version of 2015. At the same time, the company has incorporated the ANOR regulations that cer- tify its local compliance.
It is therefore justifiably that this quality manage- ment gave Prometal precedence to supply the Lom-Pangar dam in the East Region, the construc- tion of a second bridge on the Wouri, Littoral Region, the construction of the stadiums of Japoma in Douala, Olembe in Yaoundé and Roumde Adja in Garoua with steel.
In the heart of Central Africa, a giant in metal- work is improving its armoury to make its voice heard among the best in the world n
 A view of the building site of a second bridge on the Wouri

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