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Extended over 1,200 kilometers from north to south, Cameroon is at the heart of the geogra- phic areas of West, Central and North Africa. It has an extraordinarily contrasting topogra- phy alternating from high and low lands, a variety of climates, landscapes and unusual animal species.
Cameroon’s vegetation is a summary of that of Africa, with forest, savannah and steppe in diffe- rent forms. It is truly a “concentrate of Africa” in a triangle of 478 000 km2, that will marvel any visitor. Fauna and flora are particularly rich with 409 different species of mammals, 143 of rep- tiles, 849 of birds and 190 of amphibians.
Protected areas cover a total area of 4 551 990 hectares including 7 national parks 7 wildlife reserves, 27 hunting areas, 1 sanctuary and 3 zoological gardens.
Despite the rich potential, the results of tourism in Cameroon need to be improved. According to the Bloom Consulting Brand Ranking, Cameroon is ranked 25th in the world. Compared to the 2014 ranking, it has gained three positions. In 2016, the added value in the “restaurants and hotels” branch grew by 6.8% against 2.2% in 2015. The number of tourists welcomed in Cameroon is estimated at 1,093,000 against 996,000 in 2015.
The country has 699 classified hotels with a capacity of 18,675 rooms, 597 suites and 460 apartments. The figure has increased by 5.9% compared to 2015. This development is mainly explained by the effects of the organization of the women ACN. According to the 2016 MINFI business survey, the number of overnight stays increased by 2.2%.
The National Technical Committee of Tourism Establishments has authorized 74 hotel construc- tions. Besides, it granted 129 opening authoriza- tions, including 70 for hotels, 19 for restaurants, 27 for leisure establishments and 13 for travel agencies. In addition, it granted 12 tourist guide accreditations.
In the first half of 2017, the number of overnight stays was practically stable compared to the same period in 2016. The average room occu- pancy rate was down 1.1 points to stand at 55.3%. The National Technical Committee of Tourism Establishments had authorized 38 hotel constructions. It also granted 53 opening autho- rizations, including 25 for hotels, 10 for restau- rants, 9 for leisure establishments and 9 for travel agencies. Besides, they granted 7 tourist guide accreditations.

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