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Tourism in reality covers a variety of crafts and activities that fall under four broad categories: accommodation, catering, organization and sale of trips or stays and transportation. In developing a quality tourism industry, this will enhance the value of raw materials and improve exports, among other things. Estimates predict in 2035 more than 400 billion F, as a result of 5 million visiting tourists, with 250 billion from visa fees, 23 billion from airport stamps and about 133 bil- lion from taxes and other duties paid by compa- nies in the sector. But these companies should have first come to being and offer quality pro- ducts tailored to the needs of the time. A better presence of tour operators on the web is, for example, necessary.
The long-overdue boom of tourism industry in Cameroon could finally happen.
Cameroon is Africa in miniature. The reality hits every foreign visitor, and even the Cameroonians themselves. The multiplicity of landscapes, variety of sites, cultural diversity, density of the fauna, richness of the ecosystems actually make Cameroon a country with an immense potential for tourism. The different localities of the ten regions, are each in their own way, very welcoming.
It is the water fountain of Cameroon because all the major rivers in the country have their source in the Adamawa, which is also a very lively connection between the northern and southern
The Zenna Resort Center Hotel in Bambili
parts of the territory. It is a popular tourist area, with almost forty listed and classified sites: lakes of exceptional beauty, millennia caves, scenic waterfalls, ranches and famous hunting camps. The capital city of Adamawa, Ngaoundere, which is named after one of the mountains sur- rounding the city, has a tropical and pleasantly fresh sea level climate.
n The Great Mosque of Ngaoundere, picturesque and attractive;
n The palace of the Lamidat, conical thatched roof;
n The hotel and Tourism school of Cameroon;
n Lake Tizon, circular crater lake;
n The waterfalls of Vina, 15 km from Ngaoundere;
n The great cliff 45 km from Ngaoundere on the road to Garoua;
n The caves of Nyem Nyem located atop Mount Djim, 65 km from Ngaoundere;
The Centre Region is the seat of the institutions of Cameroon, Yaoundé, the capital. Perhaps this is why it concentrates many hotel facilities including some listed to five stars, academic institutions, modern roads and rail transport facilities, an international airport. The Centre Region is also rich in many tourist sites, some are particularly recommended for the visitor:

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