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                 Visitors, however, can combine business and pleasure thanks to the many leisure possibilities:
n The German bridge in Edea, on the Sanaga, built in 1903;
n The hydroelectric dam and ALUCAM and SOCATRAL factories in Edea;
n The 2050-metre-high Mount Koupe;
n The Marienberg Catholic Mission in Mouanko Sub-Division with its old German school built in 1890;
n The coffee and banana plantations in the Moungo and Nkam Divisions;
n Prince Dika Akwa’s museum in Douala. NORTH
A visitor in the North Region cannot afford mis- sing to admire the fantasia show, one of the attractions of this part of the country whose capi- tal is Garoua. The magnificent bridge on the Benue, the great mosque, the Lamido’s Palace and their numerous hotels make the city a quiet tourist complex. There are also other sites in the North region.
The following should be mentioned:
n Lagdo dam;
n The famous sultanate of Rey Bouba;
Dschang Museum of Civilization in the West Region
n The Benue National Park and its abundantly wooded banks, populated with monkeys, hippopotamuses and crocodiles, among others;
n The Pitoa market. NORTH-WEST
The North-West Region, while opening to the future, does not sacrifice its past and traditions. The capital city here, Bamenda, is a seductive city divided into two distinct parts: on the one hand, the high city on the hill, is the administra- tive and residential city, and on the other hand, the lower city, in the commercial and working- class valley. It is also a hospitable city that has a number of possibilities for accommodation, inclu- ding a 100-room hotel, with a swimming pool, a tennis court and a night-club.
Traditional authorities are the keepers of the North-West Region’s commitment to its past with feudal palaces. One may also want to visit:
n The Bamenda Handicraft Centre;
n The “Ring road” through the mountains;
n The breathtaking scenery of the Mentchum and Donga Mantung;
n Ndu, famous across the world for its tea; n The crater lakes.

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