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The West Region has a huge tourism potential, which is highly valued, including natural sites, tra- ditional chiefs’ palaces, wealth of landscapes, hotel accommodation capacities, handicrafts.
Its Headquarter, Bafoussam is also a large com- mercial crossroads between the Centre, Littoral and North-West. The Noun Division and espe- cially the Bamoun Sultanate is one of the main tourist attractions.
Among others, a traveler will enjoy visiting:
n The Batie pass;
n The traditional chief’s palace in Bandjoun;
n The Dschang tourist centre; n The Mami waterfall
of Fongo Tongo
n The Royal Palace of
the Bamoun Sultan in Foumban and its museum.
The South Region is characterized by huge sea- side tourism capacity. The sandy beaches of
Kribi, on the Atlantic Ocean are an ideal natural setting where a visiting tourist in Cameroon can- not afford to miss sharing the exquisite joy in the shade of coconut trees.
Besides, it is justifiably that the regional delega- tion for tourism in the South is located in Kribi rather than being in Ebolowa, the regional capi- tal. In fact in Kribi, all is pleasure; all invites to relaxation: the Londji beaches, the Lobe water- falls, exploring the pygmies’ villages.
The asphalted road Douala-Edea-Kribi made easier the access to the seaside city and increased its natural tourism. In addition to Kribi, the South has other sites that deserve spe- cial attention:
n Ebolowa, the capital city of the Region, is a German town where
Martin Paul Samba, a figurehead
of resistance against the German colonization, was buried;
n The Mezesse rock near Sangmelima;
n Lolodorf, a picturesque town
on top of a hill was chosen
by the Germans to be the headquarters of an administrative district,
which has now become a sub-division;
n The Teacher’s Training School in Foulassi near Sangmelima, where the national anthem was composed;
n The “Mbil Bekon” natural tunnel in Nkoetye.
From its towering 4095 metre altitude, Mount Cameroon remains one of the greatest attractions in the South-West with the Atlantic Ocean, which is almost as attractive. Seismic activities of the mount have been observed by scientists from many countries worldwide.
Other sites equally offer visitors opportunities for rewarding walks:
n The Korup National Park, a meeting place for those studying natural sciences for its 400 tree species and 300 bird species that will
not be found elsewhere.
n Jungle village, a 4000-seat outdoor amphi- theatre of the Limbe botanical garden.
n The zoo in Limbe.
n Buea site, the South-West capital, with its renovated German palace.
The Museum of Sea and Rivers in Douala

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