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The National Civil Engineering Pool is a public corporation created by a Presidential Decree on December 1967; it mainly aims at making available civil engineering equipment...
In addition to its primary tasks, the National Civil Engineering Pool, most known under the calling of MATGENIE, saw its company purpose increa- sed, precisely with a Presidential Decree on April 7, 2015, recommending that henceforth Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering work on behalf of a third party both in Cameroon and abroad would be included to its tasks.
As part of this significant public service mission, which is MATGENIE’s contribution to the deve- lopment of Cameroon, a country committed to become emergent by 2035, the company opted for a special support to the municipalities. Actually, as of 2014, MATGENIE signed 113 partnership agreements with some of these Decentralized Local Authorities for specific opera- tions.
Mindful as usual of improving the service offered to its users and customers, three years after this collaboration had begun, MATGENIE decided to make an assessment of the situation. Obviously, the way had to be reappraised and improved. Therefore, on the one hand, in order to correct the inadequacies observed, and on the other hand, to take into account the new com- pany purpose of the National Civil Engineering Pool, SACIR (Supporting Strategy for the Municipalities in their Road Initiatives) was deve- loped.
The basic principle of SACIR hinges on creating road maintenance mobile teams. Each team having to be posted in a given geographic area. And, based on a fixed and published timetable, they travel through the said area, municipality after municipality for the execution of road works identified beforehand by the Mayors concerned, according to available funding.
SACIR, in more detail, covers technical assis- tance, the execution of road work and the pro- vision of civil engineering equipment. It should be noted that this MATGENIE’s charm offensive now unfolded in a more specific shape started in February 2010, with the signing of a Decree by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, laying down the procedures for the exercise of certain powers transferred by the State to the municipalities on the creation and maintenance of rural tracks.
Four years later, the Ministry of Public Works, on its budget of the 2014 FY endowed 357 muni- cipalities with 4 788 600 000 (four billion seven hundred and eighty-eight million six hun- dred thousand) CFA F for the making and main- tenance of non-classified rural tracks.
 SACIR’s official launching ceremony at the headquarters of MATGENIE, Yaoundé

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