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                 Machines of the National Civil Engineering Pool (MATGENIE)
For all this to be executed in accordance with the rules, the Minister Delegate to the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Public Procurement authorized, by circular letter, the Municipalities to assign these works under public contract. The measure eased the usual procedures for public procurement.
This is precisely where MATGENIE came on, seizing this great opportunity to offer its expertise to the various municipal executives, to accompany them in their road maintenance work, with the so clear aim of mitigating the anxiety-provoking situation that generally pre- vails in these municipalities, which do not always have adequate equipment and pro- perly trained staff to conduct such work appropriately.
One should point out that it was on October 13, 2017 that this Supporting Strategy was officially launched at a ceremony chaired by the Minister of Public Works. But already, in August of the same year, on an initiative of its Managing Director, MATGENIE had a mee- ting with many mayors of the Centre Region in Bafia, to present the SACIR to them and all the advantages it offers. A few days back, a similar operation was launched in the North Region. On each occasion, it appealed to the Municipalities which massively supported the idea. To the municipalities therefore, the initia- tive is perceived, as a practical solution to substantially improve the state of certain roads in Cameroon.
To date, some figures on the SACIR can be put forward by MATGENIE, including:
n 74 agreements signed with the Municipalities across the national territory;
n 06 Municipalities had work completed for the 2017 fiscal year;
n 02 Municipalities recorded an extension of the timing for achievement in 2017, namely Akono and Afaneloum (Centre Region);
n For the 2018 financial year, the contractualisation of the agreements
was launched for about 30 Municipalities.
Good to know: this strategy is not only for the Mayors, who are the heads of the municipal executives, but also for the Regional and Divisional Delegates of the Ministries with infra- structures in the broad sense: the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Public Procurement , the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The latter may also benefit from the timetable of the Mobile Road Maintenance Teams to plan their interventions. Other potential beneficiaries are the people and elites for their personal or community work, as well as companies that have road contracts to run in a region of the country.
As players, they will all quickly realize that the SACIR offers concrete advantages:
• Eliminating round trip equipment transfer costs between a Municipality and the headquarters of MATGENIE;
• Bringing together in one place and at a time all that one may need for routine road work.
On a quite different front, MATGENIE has made substantial progress in improving its production environment. This led to the election of staff dele- gates (April 2018), the very first in a decade, and the first step in a strategy to improve the wor- king environment.
MATGENIE is also distinguished in the field of fight against unemployment, especially by employing, for its operations, the so-called HIL method, namely, High Intensity of Labour.
Besides, the company has signed partnership agreements with various Building and Public Works companies, as well as with other private entities. We should equally mention the setting up of a training centre for public works machines operators in Yaoundé and, in Douala, the crea- tion of a training centre for mechanics n

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