Page 286 - Atouts Economiques Cameroun-2019-GB
P. 286

                  A n historic operator of the electrical sector in Cameroon, and growth catalyst, Eneo Cameroon has as ambition to supply its customers with reliable energy and quality service while being an example of good governance in Africa. For this task to be accomplished, four values guide our daily activities,
namely integrity, cohesion, respect and commitment.
Eneo is bound to the State of Cameroon by a Framework Concession Contract and Derivative Contracts of a dura- tion of 20 years, which come to an end on July 18, 2021. By a decision of the President of the Republic, these contracts were extended by 10 years from July 21, 2021 in the Production and Distribution segments.The exten- sion comes with a lot of important challenges like:
• Improvements in the quality of service;
• Safety improvements;
• A balance between supply and demand;
• Facilitating access of new operators to production;
• Increase of access rate to electricity power;
• And above all, the maintenance of works we are granted by the State, in particular Songloulou, Edéa and Lagdo.
Now, Eneo has 1,200,000 subscribers throughout the 10 regions in the country, and keeps on making every year averagely 100,000 newly connected households and companies to the electrical network. The company has 3,750 people on its payroll that benefit since 2017 from 5% of capital share with British Group, Actis (51%), the majority shareholder and the State of Cameroon (44%).

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