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In 2016, the value added in the tertiary sector grew by 4.5% after 3.4% in 2015. The sector contributes 2.3 points to real growth and repre- sents 52.1% of GDP. This acceleration is mainly attributable to the good performance of activities in the fields of “restaurants and hotels”, “information and telecommunications”, “education” and “banks and financial institutions”. The organization of the women's ACN also contributed to this dynamics.
In 2016, the added value in the field “trade and car repair” increased by 4.6% after 3.5% in 2015. Actions include the regulation of the domes- tic market and the promotion of local products.
The government initiated a programme to pro- mote the consumption of local products, which led in the organization of 306 promotional sales ope- rations in 40 villages and towns. Products sold included: rice; refined oils; sugar; honey; Penja pepper; soy flour. Through the operations exhibi- tors generated sales revenues of 6.3 billion.
As regards the regulation of the domestic market, 193 periodical test markets have been held
in several localities and allowed the sale of 15,481.6 tons of agricultural products. In addi- tion, 351 fairground markets were organized where 2,502.5 tons of products were sold.
Fight against illegal trading practices has resulted in the imposition of 772 sanctions on companies, including 600 price and competition cases, 66 cases relating to metrology and 106 cases concer- ning quality and after-sales service. Fines resulting from these sanctions generated 5.8 billion.
In the first half of 2017, activities focused on the organization of economic missions abroad and fairground events. Particular emphasis has been placed on: promoting the Cameroon label with the elaboration of certificates of conformity bet- ween Cameroonian products and those impor- ted. The operation led to the issuance of 8,049 certificates worth 123.9 million; the organization of promotional caravans, fairground markets, national consumption days and fairs.
The crackdown on fraud has resulted in 30,000 offenses involving prices, illegal trade and metro- logy. Regarding consumer protection, 147.8 tons of non-compliant and unfit goods worth 35.8 million were seized and destroyed.
The sector is booming in Cameroon and the main growth markets are: mobile telecommunica- tions, business digitization and infrastructure equipment. In 2016, telecommunication reve- nues stood at 543.4 billion, a 1.6% increase compared to 2015. The number of telephone

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