Page 288 - Atouts Economiques Cameroun-2019-GB
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The number of subscribers continually increase on the Internet
subscribers rose to 20,657,519, up 16.9%. Mobile subscribers grew by 17.5% and those on the landline by 7.9%.
The investment made in the sector focused on the continued deployment of the fiber optics in regio- nal headquarters. Besides, the development of telecommunication services is continuing in peri- urban, rural and frontier areas.
Digital economy is based on a threefold dimen- sion, namely: the development of broadband electronic communications infrastructures, informa- tion technology and electronics; new economy
activities based on broadband infrastructure and the internet; transforming existing activities by mainstreaming the use of ICTs.
In 2016, the fiber optic line is 12,000 km on the transmission network, and 307 km on the access network. In addition, two Internet exchange points are installed in Yaoundé and Douala. The overall Internet penetration rate is 11%.
In the first half of 2017 and year-on-year, sale revenues increased by 7.2% and the number of subscribers by 5.7%. At the end of the year, the revenues would grow by 1.5% and the number of subscribers by 3.5%.
Telephone subscribers amount to 20 657 519, which increased by 16.9%

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