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                • The organization, in all Regional Headquarters, of the “Consumption Days” during three days in the last decade of the month;
• The intensification, in all Headquarters and Divisions, in September, of the promotional ope- ration “Sales Season”, intended to accompany the parents as schools resume by the practice of discount prices;
• The systematic organization, throughout the year, of promotional sales campaigns for the general public and fairs in all Regions and Divisions;
• The permanent holding, in Shopping Centers, throughout the national territory of the “Product of the Month” operation, which highlights a local pro- duct with a view to popularizing its consumption;
• The deployment of the Christmas Caravan, known as the “Christmas Fortnight”, throughout the country to accompany families in the prepa- ration of the end-of-year celebrations.
4/Promotion of fairness in commercial transac- tions. With respect to this section, one should point out that:
• The check, with a view to ensuring their relia- bility and compliance with current trade legisla- tion and regulations, of 7,520 large, medium and small range instruments, distributed as fol- lows: 253 masses connected to the MINCOM- MERCE mass laboratory, for 16 certificates and 03 calibration reports drawn up; 153 weighing instruments tested, 41 of which were long-range and, 12 weighing machines for domestic gas fil- ling stations; 211 volumetric instruments were
gauged, scaled or calibrated, among which, 07 tankers, 175 service station tanks, 18 tank wagons, 03 LPG spheres and 08 meters; 43 models of measuring instruments were approved;
• The issuance of four (04) metrological service approvals as well as the carrying-out, at the request of SODECOTON, of an audit of the wei- ghing of cotton bales;
• The organization, in collaboration with PACOM, of two (02) operational capacity-buil- ding seminars for legal metrology staff, respecti- vely (i) on the check of non-automatic weighing instruments and (ii) on the gauging of tanks and vertical cylindrical containers.
5/In terms of prices, the activities carried out resulted in:
• The finalization of the development of the price list for the 2018 financial year, with the produc- tion of 300 games in 03 volumes, 150 of which were put at the public administrations’ disposal;
• The validation of prices of goods and services not referenced in the market price list, which resul- ted in the creation of 3,922 references against 1,200 for the whole of 2017, which results from the recent update of the market price list;
• The approval of prices for Nestlé infant milk pro- ducts and domestic gas that will not have changed for the consumer, notwithstanding the inclusion of products from the Bibaga LPG plant. All these actions and many others illustrate how important is the role of MINCOMMERCE for the economy and the influence of Cameroon, a country on the path to Emergence, planned for 2035 n
 The Minister of Trade visiting the FIAC

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