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• A few varieties of short-cycle cowpea and maize for the northern regions;
• Nerica rice, in the East and South regions, from a crossbreed between the Asian and African rice, rich in protein (9.51-11, 69 pc against 8 pc for imported rice);
• Multiplying purebred breeding in all regions. AVAILABILITY OF ENHANCED SEED
For the new crop year, the Agricultural Research Institute for Development (IRAD) made available large quantities of enhanced pre-basic and basic seeds for users, namely: hybrid maize, beans, Niebe, sorghum, cassava cuttings, plantain shoots ready for cultivation.
In addition, IRAD did tries in all agro-ecological zones concerning the following crops: table grapes, wheat, date palms.
For more than two decades, Cameroon has inclu- ded that the popularization, promotion and valo- rization of the inventions of the creative genius can contribute to the diversification of its industrial fabric and provide the local and sub-regional markets with value-added enhanced products.
In this regard, Cameroon's vision of becoming “an emerging, democratic and united country in its diversity”, includes several general objectives, including that of joining the stage of the newly industrialized countries by 2035.
The increase in scientific research clarity
This major objective of economic emergence can be achieve by developing a densified and competitive industrial fabric relying on the control of technologies, turned towards the satisfaction of local needs on the one hand, and competitive on the international market on the other hand.
In terms of inventory, Cameroon's industrial fabric consists of an abundance of imported manufactured
Developing a strategy for the promotion and valorization of innovative research results

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