Page 299 - Atouts Economiques Cameroun-2019-GB
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                 Many projects are successfully carried through by the Local Materials Promotion Authority (MIPROMALO)
products and locally made products with high imported technologies and a virtual absence of industries established on the basis of national creative genius.
However, we should point out the existence of remarkable technological innovations in the field of information and communication technologies and significant advances in natural medicine.
Therefore, the government has instituted the National Technology Days (NTDs) to allow local innovations exposure for their industrial exploita- tion and development, a mainspring of wealth and employment.
The NTDs target specifically:
• Highlighting the national technological potential;
• Reporting the large pool of national inventions and innovations to the general public and poten- tial investors;
• Encouraging the SMEs and SMIs to develop new local innovative activities;
• Presenting to the general public the technologies and innovations developed within enterprises;
• Making the business community aware of the need to use industrial property assets to create competitive enterprises;
• Identifying the three best national inventions for their prototype.
 Fighting food insecurity by increasing quality seed products

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