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The FLNG project (the natural gas liquefaction project, Cameroon) for the installation of a floating natural gas liquefaction plant off the Kribi coast for the SNH (the national hydrocar- bons company) is continuing and the work for the conversion of the ship is completed. The factory vessel supposed to have come by September and first exports are expected for the month of November. The extension of the Bipaga gas treatment centre is 91% complete.
In 1987, the population was 10,493,665 inha- bitants. In 2005, the final results of the third general census of population and housing (RGPH) indicated 17 463 836 inhabitants. The demographic change confirms the maintenance of a high human potential in the country, with an average annual rate of population growth estima- ted at 2.8% during the period 1987-2005 and at 2.6% between 2005-2010. Cameroon might have more than 20 million inhabitants in 2018.
From 2005 to 2016 Cameroon's population grew at an average annual rate of 2.7%. At this rate, all things being equal, the population of
Cameroon is expected to double its workforce in about twenty-two years, that is to say around the year 2040.
Since 1976, it has been observed that the popu- lation of Cameroon is mainly made up of women. However, over the years, there is a gra- dual trend towards gender parity.
The population remains characterized by its extreme youth. The median age is 17.7 years and the average age is 22.1 years. The popula- tion under 15 represents 43.6% while the popu- lation under 25 represents 64.2%. It should be noted that the proportion of seniors (60 years and over) is not negligible with its 5.0%.
Regardless of their place of residence, the sex ratio curves (number of males per 100 females) by age group show that between 0 and 15- year-old, there are more boys than girls, for at birth, there are more boys than girls. The trend reverses after 15 years due to excess male mor- tality. After the age of 60, there is a gradual decrease in the number of men, a situation that increases with age.
Cameroon had produced about 30 million barrels at the end of the year

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