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                 LABOGENIE carries out and validates geotechnical studies for the dimensioning of structures
LABOGENIE examines all geotechnical factors likely to have an impact on the perenniality of works and assists Ministries’ services to ensure the quality and reliability of the tests as well as the geotechnical control of the work carried out. Likewise, it makes sure that the functioning of the supervising offices labs and the companies in charge of works corresponds to the rules of the art and the prescriptions of the markets.
LABOGENIE also drills boreholes for drinking water, on behalf of the State, companies, decen- tralized local authorities, private individuals. It offers comprehensive services in village, urban, industrial water supplies or access to drinking water.
As part of its tasks, LABOGENIE provides tea- cher-training modules in geotechnology every year for administration's managers (MINTP, MINHDU, MINSEP ...). The overall objective of the training is to provide geotechnical know- ledge to the technical personnel with a view to improving the quality of the control of road works, the control of buildings and engineered structures, and the execution of tests. Learners, at the end of the day, can better control the exe- cution of works, identify the deficiencies of contractors, monitor and supervise companies, perform continuous or unexpected tests for inter- nal audit, supervise the implementation of buil- ding foundations and of works and to master the techniques and norms to carry out the geotech- nical tests in laboratory.
LABOGENIE is also involved in training young people in geotechnical professions. It benefits from the scientific and technical contribution of
the National Committee of Geotechnicians of Cameroon and the support of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, which reco- gnizes and validates the certificates issued.
LABOGENIE, as we have said, has a team of dynamic experts, but also a national presence, and modern technical means. In particular, a central laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for conducting geotechnical tests, a large fleet of site monitoring equipment as well as diversified IT tools. What properly ensures the quality control of infrastructure under construction in the country.
The company is involved in the implementation of large-scale projects, including:
• The Yaoundé-Nsimalen Motorway (open coun- try section and urban section);
• The Yaoundé-Douala Motorway;
• The Government Programme for the Construction of 10,000 Social Housing and Development of 50,000 Building Plots in Cameroon;
• The construction project for eight (08) sets of 100 social housing units and their associated equipment, within the framework of PLANUT ...;
• A second bridge over the Wouri;
• The Obala-Batchenga-Bouam, Mengong- Sangmelima, Garoua-Boulai-Ngaoundere, Manjou-Goura-Batouri, Kumba-Mundemba roads;
• The rehabilitation of the Yaoundé-Bafoussam- Bamenda, Nsimalen-Mbalmayo-Ebolowa roads;
• The construction and rehabilitation of the Mandjou-Batouri-Kenzou-Yakadouma sections;
• The dams of Memve'le, Mentchum, Bini at Warak and Lom-Pangar;
• The construction and rehabilitation of sports sta- diums in Yaoundé, Douala, Japoma, Limbe, Bafoussam and Roumde Adjia;
• The “Hotel du Comice” in Ebolowa, Mountain hotel in Buea,
• The rehabilitation and / or construction of the Douala and Yaoundé structural roads and urban roads ;
• The rehabilitation and / or construction of access roads to stadiums and hospital and hotel facilities in Yaoundé, Douala, Limbe, Buea, Bafoussam, Garoua and Foumban in prepara- tion for the 2019 CAN n

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